Green Days Anyone have good loses on green?


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Hey huni & welcome back :)

I usually only have green days & when I stick to the plan properly *cough* I lose 2-3 lbs a week.

Trying some red this week though, hubby moaned about the lack of meat... :(


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Hi! I had just under 2 stone to lose and have lost a stone and a half doing almost all green days. I average at 1 lb loss a week, so not massive losses but the important thing for me is the weight is coming off at a steady pace and I won't change my diet when I hit target, apart from increasing my hexbs so I don't carry on losing! I don't feel deprived and I'm eating what I want. I also have massive portions of pasta, rice etc.

Check out my food diary if you want an idea of what I eat.

Good luck!


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I've lost all my weight doing mostly green days. I only very occasionally do anything else (on average less that once every 2 weeks, I'd say).


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I am 100% green and lost my weight and eat loads and LOVE the plan!!


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I'm also 100% green, fab plan!


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I'm 100% green and have lost 1 stone 10 pounds in 9 weeks. It works! Just have to stick to plan. Actually I've found after 2 months on plan, my appetite has genuinely shrunk, so I'm not eating the mammoth portions I started out with now.

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All green for me too! :)


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I've lost 6 1/2 stone doing mostly Green, love it! :)

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Wow Mrsthunderbolt, you're truly inspiring! Just noticed the amount of weight you've shifted, amazing!!

As for green. I find that eating mostly green days does shift the weight but weekends when hubby's at home, it's far easier to stick to two red days. It works for me. Don't be fooled by my profile, I'm a seasoned yoyo dieter and have lost vast amounts of weight only to fall of the wagon so to speak and gradually regain it :( :break_diet:

But this's gonna be gone for good lol!


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Love green days (i need my pasta rice & potatoes) and only occassionaly do red or EE days
Think my weight loss may be slower but i don't feel deprived or on a diet but this means i won't fall off the wagon or binge which is a past problem of mine x