Anyone having problems with sleepless nights?


Hello, I started Lipotrim last Monday - i have lost 12lbs already so am pretty chuffed so far. - The only problem i am having i not being able to get to sleep. Usually i drop off pretty easily but despite feeling tired I have been finding it very difficult to get to sleep and when i do i am waking up lots of times in the night - I am so tired anyone else have this problem? Any ideas why? Thanks N.x
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Hi, welcome and congrats on your weightloss so far. Not sure I can help you, I do have sleepless nights but I rotate onto nights in my job so my sleep pattern is all over at times so not sure whether the diet had anythin to do with it.
Im sure someone will be along soon with some help and advice for you, good luck with the rest of your journey xx


It can happen as the diet is low in calories. But then again it happens to a lot of people who even calorie count etc

I know that feeling.

You can chat to your pharmacist for advice you know.

Plus, you can try exercising, as I heard that exercise helps sleep. Also relaxation techniques may help. Good Luck xxxx :)


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I defo had issues with disturbed sleep patterns the first 2-weeks of LT, but it soon settled down. Not easy to sleep when you feel hungry all the time, and it wasnt until after week 2 that I stopped feeling hungry.

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:) Hiya ,yes i do ,i think thats why i dont feel energetic:whacky068: like all the rest on LT,:eek:


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Hiya well done on the weight loss I have had some issues with sleeping or not as the case maybe then I realised that my coffee intake had increased quite a bit could this be an issue for you

I dont drink any/very little coffee after 8pm and the sleeping is a bit better

all the best


Hi, Thanks for replying. This site is such a huge help, i'm very glad i found it. I don't drink coffee so can't be that. I will try to have a word with my pharmacist on Monday - they are so busy i am in and out in 5 mins and they are not very chatty whilst i'm there so i thought i would see if anyone else has the same problem. Sorry to those who are suffering to but reassuring it's not just me! x


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Yea Im mostly up to around 5 and then up again at 8, these days I am on autopilot but cant last for too much longer, blooming knackered


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Congrats on the weight loss. Strange you have sleepless nights, ever since I started taking LT I've been sleeping like a baby.


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Ive been having bad sleep since I started LT but I think that might have more to do with the fact that Im thinking about LT too much. I think about it all night and I calculate how much weight i could lose within a certain amount of time and will i get there?? i think all sorts and it keeps me up all night. If its not thinking about losing weight then Im thinking about food and just wanting to go down to the kitchen and scoff everything there!.... Can you have camomile tea on LT thats meant to help you sleep? what about a nice relaxing bath? that usually makes me dose right off in the bath!... hope it gets better xxx