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Anyone help with Pasta/rice cals please?

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Hiya everyone

Just started CC saturday of this week.

Am confused over pasta/rice weight and cals. Have looked on MFP, various books and packaging but still clueless!!!!

Im trying to find out cals per portion of cooked wholewheat/grain pasta and rice.

Could any of you enlighten me on the amount of pasta/rice u make (uncooked weight pls) and what that equates to in calories when it is cooked.

Sorry to sound so dumb - maths is not my forte!

Thank you
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Hi Kim

The best way to work it out is to look at your packet. On the back it should tell you the nutritional value for an uncooked weight OR a cooked weight.

I get Basmati white asda rice on my pack it tells me that (as consumed, ie cooked)
100g is 119cals
200g serving is 238cals...

It is therefore suggesting that a serving size should be 200g.

In the instruction part it tells me to allow 60g per person and put into water.... So it is basically implying that 60g dry should make a 200g cooked portion...this would equate to the 238 cals..

I would probably stick extra in to be on the safe side tho x

Does any of that help?

Feel free to post up what your packet says and I can try to help x
S: 13st1.0lb C: 13st1.0lb G: 10st7.0lb BMI: 33.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks so much Redmel for your help

Yes that all makes sense (as I said maths aint my thing!!)

On my packet of wholewheat sphagetti it says that 100g Cooked is 148 cals - it suggests allowing 100g (uncooked) per person. Obviously it swells when its cooked - I was confused trying to work out how much uncooked weight I should use per person - guess the best way I can do that is to probably cook some and weigh it out!!!!!

Thanks for your help - I feel a right Dingbat asking - must have left my brains in bed this morning.

Thanks again
S: 13st12lb G: 9st5lb
Not a dingbat at all, it did take me a while to get my head around it:eek:

Yes, I would have a little experiment, not sure if you cook for others/family at the same time, but maybe weigh out your 100g and see how much it weighs once cooked...

If it weighs in at 200g then it is a nice easy sum, but even if it weighs in at some silly number like 172g, you can still work it our by dividing 148 by 100, then multiply that by 172(or whatever it actually weighs)

I hope you manage to work it out.....but i'm afraid my rice/pasta often varies slightly in weight depending how long I have cooked it or how quickly or something:rolleyes: so it does just mean weighing it out once it is cooked each time and working it out.

Tonight we had curry and rice, I allowed 65g of dry rice per person but it actually gave us all about 150g each of cooked rice:confused: I will chuck a bit extra in next time, because my husband and the boys need a bit more rice than that!

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