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Anyone here in Central scotland?

Im in dundee......


Still Climbing That Hill!
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Just outside Glasgow :)
S: 20st9lb C: 20st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 70.8 Loss: 0st6lb(2.08%)
Crikey there is quite a few of us eh lol!! Was just wondering because there is not so many Cambridge Councellors in Scotland was wondering if there was much peeps on here like myself,

Hi Anne-marie, you must go to the lady i go to, I love her she is like an adopted gran to me!

Amanda Jayne, did you go to LL in Stirling at all, thats where i started but boyf lost his job just before xmas so i had to stop going. But now that all is well there now, i have decided to go CD now, only started today and went to the gym tonite, just a wee half hour walk but still every little helps lol! You have done amazing by the way!! I only moved out here 3 years ago, was in East Kilbride before and so far so good, its a lot quieter here which is good!

Miss Piggy, well done on your loss so far, that is amazing!!

Tiara Maker, I have a long journey to go, need to lose approx 112 too how spooky!! Its a toughy but a goody!!

Lynsay you will hit that target of yours no bother!! You go girl!!

Hey Maisie, hows the weather in Ayr? This will sound flippin mental but for some reason I am very drawn to ayr, down by the water is a great place for meditation (watch that tide tho lol)

Tracie, is that your wee puppy in the photo, my boyf and i have a bullmastiff hes nearly 6yrs old now and a lot like a boxer in nature, totally hyperactive lol!!

Nicole, how long have you been a CDC, my boyf just got the app form through, do you have any words of wisdom for him?

Big Hugs to y'all, perhaps we can have a meet up some time, somewhere central?



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EmmaJane, Yes I do go to Loraine in Stirling. It's a fair few miles, but worth it! Sorry to hear about boyfriend's lost job - just before Christmas too. Rotten. Glad things are on the up now. Which gym do you go to? I used to go to Bannatynes but changed job/hours and it became too difficult to attend - they had great spinning classes too. I intend to pop in to the council gym at Grangemouth Sports Centre sometime soon - my son attends on a Thursday afternoon, so there's no excuse!

We moved here from Tamworth, via Liverpool - it was like coming home. Hubby is away working in Aberdeen - I am hoping he can relocate back here sometime this year.


Still Climbing That Hill!
C: 16st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 42.8
Hi EmJ, no not my puppy im afraid, getting my boxer pup in the summer and can't wait!!!
S: 20st9lb C: 20st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 70.8 Loss: 0st6lb(2.08%)
Hi Amanda Jayne, its bannatynes I go to, i only work 5 mins away, which is good, so can go straight from work cause i dont think i would go otherwise lol!

Hey Tracie, I bet you cant wait he will run you ragged! Love boxers, and bullmastiffs of course!

Hey Starlight, no need to feel left out, we are all on the same journey here just using different materials is all. Well done on your loss so far!! Thats fab!!

No probs Nicole, hope all went well with your presentation!!!

Tartanlass, seems that the majority of peeps here live in Dundee, fantastic loss for you too!! Im hoping to lose 5 stone by august hopefully, any more would be a welcome bonus tho!

Hugs y'all



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Hey EmJ - unofrtunately horrible presentation is tomorrow in Edinburgh and it's still not finished!!! boooo, terribly boring eye movement rubbish as well.

I've been a CDC for.....gosh...it feels like forever, but it's only been just under a year. Not many of us here yet, but Cambridge are pushing for there to be more! One of my guys is now a CDC in Dundee as well so we're expanding!!!!

As for words of wisdom....em.......nah, the application form is fine, just been enthusiastic and get his CDC to big him up and they will love it!! The training is the hard part....so much to take in!! Not even sure when the next training day in Scotland is? They recently had the first one up here last month. I had to go all the way down to Northants!! booooo!!!! I'm sure he'll be fab.

Scottish meet?? madness.......one day when I'm not doing 2 jobs and at Uni as well I will have time to get myself a life!! :) feeling a bit bogged down at the moment!!

Anyway, how are you getting on? xx
Hi EmJ,
A Scottish meet would be great.
I go up to Falkirk once a month to get packs. Yes - CDC is lovely but she can REALLY blether can't she? I wor in East Lothian but looking for a new job cos I'm travelling 103 miles round trip - Madness!

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