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Anyone here???


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I was thinking the same thing, I started sf today!

Good luck!


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Yup! Me...

We can cheer each other on ..

So far iv had my 2 shakes and one snack...

I'm using the vanilla powder one at the moment to save money but I love all the smoothies, need to buy some of them !

How much do you want to lose?
Would like to lose 3stone but it's a long way away lol! What about you? How u feeling on the shakes are you hungry? How much do you hope to lose a week?x


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I want to lose 2 and a half stone to 3 stone aswell ..
Nah I'm not hungry at all.. I only just had my 2nd shake and I still got 2 snacks left tht I can have til tea later ..
Umm the first week I expect to lose at least 4lbs... Anything under tht and I wont be best pleased ..
After that il just see ... You ? X
Well I tried the exante diet there and did great up until day 5 I lost 8pounds in4 1/2 days and day 5 I caved and ate a mcdonalds and everything! I wish I could do it but I have tried 3 times now and always cave at end of week 1! I like the rapid results but can't stick it out not eating or drinkin etc! So I'm trying sf as I like having the shakes for quickness but I can still eat out and socialise too! So hoping for 4 first week and then miby 2-3 a week I know that's a bit much to ask but I've a lot to lose haha!!x


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What's the extante diet? Never heard of it!

Ivd done cambridge diet and lost 7lb in the first week .. I only done it for a couple weeks though as you can't have a evening meal or anything

Yh I would like the same 2-3 lb a week after!!

Iv got a bet with my friend I need to lose 7lb by 18th aug!
It's same as Cambridge it's a vlcd you have 3shakes a day that's it :( costs £100 a month which is reasonable compared to other vlcd but still £100 is a lot to spend if a can't stick it a week lol!x


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Oooo I see!!

Well were soon see how much we lose doing sf!

Almost the end of day 1 ... I ain't really had my water today though! Hate water x


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My weigh in day will be Fridays aswell so on my first weigh in I would of only been doing it 5 days!
Yeah I will start in morning and weigh in fri, so might only lose a pound or so in that time, I'm not classing my 1st weigh in til a week on fri!! Here's hoping we can lose some pounds as it only seems to be us on here haha!!x


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I know! It's very quiet on this slim fast one!! ... Helloooooooo hahah

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