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Anyone here?


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I can see the tumbleweed lol. Everyone's on SW it seems. Well in case anyone is wondering, IF does work. I know it does cos the moment I stopped I put on weight again. I got down to 9 stone 10lb back in November 2014 from 15 stone doing a alternate day fast . Am now around 12 stone cos...well I stopped fasting. Am back to it now and have come in calorie wise today at just over 500. Am working now and have a very manual job so am hoping to do most of my fasting on off days.
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Talking to myself but anyway here goes :) ....first fast day over and already 4lb down. Considering I have been on a calorie controlled diet for over a month and not lost squat that is good. However I am slightly concerned that eating 3 meals a day of lc/ low fat doesn't help me lose weight anymore cos my body got used to IF. I worked out last night it's taken me 18 months of eating 2 meals a day and some snacks to gain 2 stone after stopping IF. Most of the gain was since Christmas when I got ill and spent 3 months in bed. I was still only 10 stone 4 in November, a year after stopping IF. One of the upsides to IF is my kidney failure, I've been in since I was 21, is completely cured and my cholesterol is very low and blood sugars are good. Doctors have no logical reason why but the test results don't lie.

I broke my fast after 34 hours with scrambled egg, beans and a piece of wholemeal toast. I am trying to cut back on carbs as they are not great for me and I don't lose as well. I am also cutting back caffeine. Am a Barista and drink way too much coffee. I have a vast range of herbal teas. :) Am hoping some of my old friends on here come by soon. It would be great to catch up on how everyone is doing. xx


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IF seems to have some good things for you! That's amazing. Well done on your re-start loss so far and your previous IF attempt! It looks like you've kept it all mostly under control and are ready to get back to it :)

I do find it interesting though that you remarked on not being able to lose much from eating small regular meals and only seeing a difference if you fast? I have to wonder about that. Maybe, the body got used to going into fat-burn mode in the fasting periods and the constant replenishing of energy via small meals prohibits this? I saw a youtube video on this, some guy, not sure how completely informed he is, but he compared an IF fasting method to an everyday low-calorie small meals type of thing, in which he described that normal (ish) eating within the eating window prevents the body from going into starvation mode which can happen from eating lets say 600-800 calories in small meals that raise glycogen levels, but overall, still make the body go into starvation mode as it's all just too low and hold on to everything it's got.

I am doing 16:8 / 20:4 everyday IF, I don't post here much though, just keep to my diary. I find having several downdays a bit too disruptive, so I stick to the everyday method as I'm never hungry at breakfast anyway. :)
Good luck with your journey!


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Thanks for replying Minerva. I used to do 16:8 and variations of it too. I found I sts tho unless I walked about 15 miles a day. That was doable cos I could get up later as well but am working now and the most miles I can walk on a shift, plus walking there and back is around 8-10. On a busy day am stuck on the coffee machine so lucky to manage 4 miles. I had an eating day yesterday and came in around 1, 300 calories. Am starving today...really hungry and it's a fast day so it going to be tough. It's my day off so I only got up an hour ago. I will have breakfast at work tomorrow and try and hold off my 500 for as long as possible today.

On a positive note the scales are still going down. Even after my eating day I lost 2lb so that's 6lb in 2 days. I think the test will be can I do a fast day when working which will be Wednesday. It's a very early start and a long, long day on my feet. I'll be surrounded by food and cakes too lol


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Today was supposed to be an eating day but I got to work and we were so busy I had no time to eat anything except some melon. I got home and was just thirsty so I drank water and didn't fancy the tea I cooked for everyone so it ended up another fast day. Calories 497. I must be in the zone now cos am not even hungry. I can't have Thursday as a fast day as am going out so will have Friday as one instead. Two eating days coming up now.


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I've been sort of following IF for just over three weeks now. Everyday, not eating until around 6pm and nothing after 10pm. Keeping it low-carb too, and not eating any sugar if I can avoid it.
Combined with upping my walking (from next to nothing to around 4-5 miles a day), I've managed to lose 17lbs. My calories are probably naturally lower because of the time restrictions, maybe around 1000kcal per day.

Having been over the course (many times) before, like a lot of us on these forums, and having had years of SW, VLCD etc, I suppose this could just be the latest thing I use until I get sick of it again :)

Who knows, but at least with this form of IF, I can manage throughout the working day reasonably well, so it sort of suits me.