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Anyone hungry?!

Evenin' all!
I don't want to feel like I'm encouraging eating cause I totally don't mean to do that but I am absolutely starving tonight! My house smells of jacket potatoes where the boyf has cooked them and all I want to do is snack out. I'm not going to. I keep reminding myself that I will be able to eat in a couple of months time hopefully but I sooooooooooooooooooo want something now and not a damn milkshake! Roll on day 7 tomoz and then the weigh on Thurs morning!
PS I had a scary dream where I'd been eating loads of food and had forgotten I was on the diet and then got really upset at myself. But it felt like i had eaten and could almost taste it in my dream! :confused::confused::confused::confused:
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don't do it!!!!!!!! keep busy hun otherwise you'll feel poo tomorrow if you eat something.........must be something in the air cos lots of people struggling sweetie........your not alone xxxxxxxxxxx
I remember the food dreams when I did the diet! But enjoy them!! Calorie free lasagne when I used to dream :)
dont do it hun! think of yourself in a bikini this time next year and shopping not at the back of the shop in the "big girl section".. keep thinking that over and over in your head, thats what is powering my on!!
Claire is right you are not alone we are all here if you get stuck!! :D :D
Good luck with your weigh in! xxx
food smells are doing my head in!!!! i haven't been able to smell for ages but i've just started treatment on my nose......... aaaaaggghhhh i can smell now (feel like stopping the treatment hahahaha)


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when i feel like you i go and sit on the back step and its 1c tonight lol. while my lot have their dinner,i dont think its fair for us to have to cook it and watch them eat it,lol.... i will be bloody thin by christmas
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I would say go out for a walk but it is freezing outside. Maybe a nice hot bath would be a nicer distraction.

Funny how a lot of people say they dream about food and wake up convinced that they have blown their diet. Don't think I have had that yet.
Lasagne - ice moose?! mmmmm going to think about all sorts before bed tonight ;) , claire - smelling is definitely a sense that I wouldn't mind not having at the moment! I think it's that that is the hardest thing to cope with! and jodie, you're right, although I'm not really convinced that there are any poor souls in this world that deserve the torture of seeing my pale white/blue body in a bikini!!! x
soolaboola - you're right, it's so unfair and I've refused to do any cooking. Somehow, not quite sure how, I think it might kill me!! And thanks Frances, the hot bath is a good idea and might warm through my feet. And might have a quick sneaky peak at the scales!!! :)
I am starving too,i'm sure i am haha. Worst bit for me is that i have to feed my eldest girl as shes disabled.Its crucifying me. I had to talk myself out of eating some today, i sounded mad,i am mad BUT i keep thinking about buying normal clothes for the first time in 20 years!!! ;-)


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i'm smack in the middle of a 10 hour shift at work and people are cooking their dinners. i don't know about anyone else but my sense of smell has become incredibly strong. i can smell my OH making a cheese and cucumber sandwich from upstairs!! and it always shocks him when he's trying to sneak in something without bothering me about it. ha.

abz xx
S: 15st3lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31 Loss: 2st10lb(17.84%)
ohh kerry ive had those dreams aswell. i remember one morning i was sooo conviced of it!!

It's funny how REAL dreams can feel. I remember once, years ago, I dreamt my bf had dumped me. I was living with the guy at the time. I wouldn't speak to him for 2 days, it was so vivid! :rotflmao:


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I am convinced i have become a feeder since i started CD. My hubby says i am always offering him food. I am also making him healthier food since i started CD maybe in prep for myself nearer the end. I make all my food from scratch and don't do the ready meal thing. He says my cooking has improved i think its because i am not rushing to eat it and take more care. He hasn't put on weight though he is onlt 12st anyway and very healthy.

I have been starving for three days. I am in Ketosis drinking water too. I have been so very close to eating but have held back. I need to weather that LBD at christmas.

Love and strength to you all.



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I think it must be this cold weather. All we want is a nice bowl of chunky homemade soup to warm us through. I'm starting today and i have to say i've just had my choc mint shake with crushed ice and i am so cold now. (I dont really like hot drinks so cant use hot water to make it hot choc) so i've blipped already by having a coffee with milk, just to heat me up. Hot bath next.


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you're doing brilliantly JS :) i won't cook for anyone. ha. some people on here have gone mad feeding others but i refuse to do any at all. my OH likes cooking, but hates cooking for one, plus with me doing cd we are a bit strapped for cash, and he tends to live on sandwiches these days. i've told him he'll end up with scurvy but he won't listen. so it looks like i'll have to lose weight extra fast so that he'll start eating properly again!! ha.

abz xx
Dreams and smells - definitely powerful! Might try and encourage the dreams and put a some kind of nose blocking device up my nose, a small tampon maybe ;) to feel less like I need to eat. Now there's a thought! My boyfriend will then know that i have, 100%, lost the plot *lying in bed, two strings hanging out my nostrils and mumbling, cheese sandwich, butter, chips, steak, cake, chocolate mmmmmmm* :) :)

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