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Anyone keep Chickens?

I am just day dreaming about when I get back to California, and I am trying to work out ways where we can be as self sufficient as possible.

Obviously, a large veggie garden and small orchard will be the first order of call, but I am considering keeping hens for fresh eggs - not meat.

Just wondering if it is worth the trouble and work? Anyone have any opnion? (surely not!) :D

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Well, I can tell you that my friends are dairy farmers and they keep hens for eggs for the family. The taste is incredible, so much more flavour than store bought eggs. They are out in a paddock free range a few times a day and then get a corn mash also. The hens also love the veg and potato table scraps. My friends have a shed with timbers going across like a leaning ladder where they perch at night, and a large plastic tub with straw for the hens to lay in. There are about 15 to 20 hens and one rooster but the family is large.
I figure they must be so much better then shop bouight -that is one appeal.

The eggs I buy here in the UK are very watery compared to those at home...I don;t know why. When you crack into the pan it spreads out to the siZe of a plate! There is something wrong there. So I was thinking fresh eggs are probably lovely.
I fancy doing it BL. I have a large garden and we have raised beds in which we grow a lot of veg. However, because the winters have been extremely harsh for the past two years, I've not done anything about it. It got as low as minus 18 and a friend who keeps chooks lost their rooster. I'm not sure about the sleeping arrangements, maybe he was separate and the hens huddles together? I know that she knitted them jumpers as well. I couldnt bear getting up in the morning and finding a dead chook. But thats not going to be a problem in California.

I visit a forum called grow your own. They are a friendly bunch and happy to help out newbie thickos like me. Its called the grapevine. I'm sure there's lots of info about keeping chickens on there.

HTH :) xx
Btw, the eggs that she has given me are absolutely amazing! Proper eggs. Failing that, I would recommend ones that Sainsburys sell, Cotswold Legbar. They are more expensive, but definately worth it.

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