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anyone know of any good supplements or diet pills or slimming that are good?

think i need that extra assistance in my weight loss so im looking for something to give me that extra push...ive seen some but they cost so much to take. i was thinking about weight watchers but then also heard that lighter life and cambridge diet is good. anybody any advice or know of any groups, pills etc that are good for people on a budget please? thanks in advance :D
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To be honest theyre just not worth the money
I am inclined to agree with you but my biggest problem when I tried to lose weight was the size of my appetite it was HUGE I tried all the normal tricks like drinking water before meals etc, then my Sis was advised by the Chemotherapy nurse, when she was being treated with Breast cancer, to take green tea and Green tea tablets, for the terrific antioxidant properties etc; what a difference, it certainly helped bloatedness and my puffy and swollen ankles. I then read a lot about hoodia gordonii and gave it a go, WOW what a difference it made to my huge appetite, instead of eating 2 huge dinners plus breakfast, brunch, lunch and snacks I got myself trained to eat 3 ordinary meals a day, and using a smaller plate for my dinner.

Because I am on the Xenical I thought I wouldn't need them anymore but like on any diet I keep on thinking about food, don't we all, so I am going back on them. I am not recommending them I am just saying they work for me :)


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Just a quick suggestion, have you been to your Dr about your weight problem? As your GP he/ she can, if you request to be put onto the Lipotrim plan. With Lipotrim you can either go on it through your GP, a hospital referral and or you popping along to a Pharmacist and go through them.
Good Luck and hope to hear back soon with positive plan of action

Take Care
if you want to avoid tablets and have a huge appettite i would recommend slimming world. i've tried loads of diets and it always works for me........it's an easy plan were you can eat all you want within a huge range of free foods.....happy dieting!x
thanks ladies for suggestions. just in process to changing to a much nicer doctor so will mention to her about the lipotrim. good luck to yourselves


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Great and hope all goes well with your new Dr.

I also have some brilliant news to share. I had to go to my Pharmacist in regards to health (they are also in regular contact with my Dr). Well when I was there they just wanted to check my weight to see how I was getting on with Lipotrim. The scales said I've lost 5lbs in 4 days and YES I am chuffed to bits:D:devilangel: :clap:
Please can some one give me some advice my friend has been taking these things called fat burners and lost loads of weight on them but i don't want to try them with out some advice first. She brought them from a company called T5weightloss.com they are branded Forza which seem to be good from what i can find on the web.

Any advice would be great.


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I wouldnt bother - you will only lose ££s rather than lbs - waste of money

If there was any evidence they worked then GPs would prescribe them rather than Xenical with all its well known side effects
I must have spean £100's and £100's on various weight loss pills over the years, and not really found any to be more beneficial over plain old dieting. My doctor prescribed me Duromine (14 years ago when I was an air stewardess), which I think is now banned. That worked for a bit, but stopped eventually. VLCD's/TFR's offer the more rapid weightloss if that's what you are looking for.
As you have a great appetite and need something to help you over those hunger patches I use a formula called Protein Plus BUT it's not the one which is WHEY based. If you know someone in Ireland you can only get it from there. It mixes into a glass of milk and tastes very similiar to Complan but this has no carbohydrates in it.

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