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Anyone know the answer Please !


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Hi Everyone,

I hope its ok to post this here.

I am wondering if anyone can explain how the diet works, I know that sounds daft but I will try and explain. I have done slimming World along with other diets for the last 22 yrs, some might say not succesfully! I only lose my weight by doing red days, even when I did WW I used all my points in Protein.
Today I am having a 'debate' with OH, who insists green days must work for everyone or they wouldnt sell the diet.

I have never been able to lose real weight on green days, I believe because I can eat massive portions of pasta etc, mainly pasta as it really is my downfall. On red days I am more satisfied with smaller portions and never feel bloated.

Sorry for this being a long post but thought I should explain! I read the slimming world threads everyday and think 'I' know why it works but carn't explain it logically, if that makes sense!

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I do mainly Green days and have had no problems. I think you've already hit the nail on the head - eating too many carbs will result in slow losses or STS. The key is to eat more superfree foods and limit the free foods. At the beginning of SW this wasn't really an issue for me but now I'm starting to eat more superfree foods like fruit and veg in order to carry on with my losses.


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You must be right as you have lost more weight than me in a shorter time.

I just feel that I can eat so much pasta etc the last 2 weeks we have had rice and noodles (with stir fry) and I don't lose OH has had chips from chip shop and lost!

I will admit that my sins have been wine but does it matter what your sins are? Maybe thats where I am going wrong?

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Hi, you mention being able to eat 'massive amounts of pasta'. SW believes everything in moderation, just becasue it's 'free' doesn't mean this principle should be pushed to the limit. Have a read of the threads and see what you think of it! Good luck with whatever you decide xxx


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I agree, even free foods have the potential to increase your weight it eaten to excess. I lost all my weight doing the green plan but my meals were based around fruit and veg rather than pasta and rice. The one third superfree rule from EE is equally applicable to green so you might want to think about doing that. And remember there are so many other free foods on the green plan other than pasta and rice, so why not experiment with lentils, pulses, cous cous, and other wholegrains. Try useing wholewheat pasta and either brown or basmati rice rather than the white ones as they will keep you filled up for longer.


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Thanks for your replys.
I understand what your all saying about super free foods. However I have never seemed to use weight on green days. Now we have a problem that OH carn't eat fibre, pulses, meat and the list goes go with his gout ! I really was asking if there were people that only did free green and lose weight .


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What can hel is monitoring how much carbs you have. I have a measuring cup to weight it out then in control as I don't at times have restraints.


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I have done nearly all green but even at my biggest i would never give myself more than 100gms pasta as that is the recommended portion size. If I felt it wasn't enough I would bulk it out with courgettes mushrooms carrots onions peas sweetcorn spinach and anything else to hand, We had pasta this evening and i only allowed 75gms each. Even though it didn't look much, surprisingly I wasn't hungry after but the chances are, had I served more, i would have comfortably eaten it. Moderation is the key x


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In a short answer, I have only done green days since I started last Oct and have lost nearly 2 1/2st. So it is possible to lose large amounts of weight and does work :) I think the trick is to eat lots of fruit and veg with the carbs.


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Vegetarians only follow green days and lose successfully! I'm a green day girl at heart, but like others I do weigh my pasta and rice - only to make sure I don't cook too much. I use 100g pasta and rice per person and it's plenty. The only thing I don't measure is potatoes - the more the merrier in my book - I love them!!

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I agree with Jaylou...all the plans are successful, otherwise SW wouldnt encourage them.
However the others are right by saying everything in moderation...I used to think that because chicken is a free food I could eat 2 whole ones and still loose weight and it would often be a challenge for me to see how much I could shove in!


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I am going to do mostly green days but will try and have a few red days aswell. Also on my green days I am going to try and not eat loads of pasta. I will maybe have eggs or a baked potato instead. I dont understand how eating that many carbs can make you loose weight!!!


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I do a mixture of Red, Green & EE, and I have been losing steadily since last May, the SW diet does work, just give it time.


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Thanks for Your advice everyone he is losing weight doing mainly green and a bit of EE. We have to keep his loss slow and steady or he won't be able to walk again!

I am back on Red days and have lost 3lbs already this week, so am happy again!

Once again thanks for helping.:)