Anyone maintaining?


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Hey guys

I have posted my story before so I won't bore you with detail, but basically I lost my weight with ww, but am loving EE and really think its a much more longterm maintenance plan than counting points forever!!! I love ww, and it worked a treat for me and has taught me to reduce my portions over the last year, so I am so ready to stop weighing measuring and counting every bite! And to stop recording every bite I eat lol.

Anyway, I am curious to hear how others are coping maintaining? What changes have you made - ie increasing food to stop losing? I found it very hard to stop losing on ww, I lost nearly a stone after getting to goal, maybe cuz I do lot of exercise. How many extra HE's do you eat, and does it matter if you increase A or B? Or does anyone follow sw all week then relax a little at the weekend - does that work to maintain?

Would love to hear how everyone manages it xxx
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Well done for losing all the weight you've had - you've done brilliantly!

I've been at target now since July 2009 - SW recommends that you increased your number of healthy extra Bs, but keep the As the same. I never had any trouble with continuing to lose once I'd got to target, although perhaps that means that I was at a good weight for my body, and yours wanted to lose some more?

I lost all my weight on EE, so I used to have 1 A and 1 B each day. If I know I've not got much on in a particular week, I tend to just up my B choices - I usually have 2 now instead of 1, but if I have 3, I don't get upset about it - I don't have to concentrate so much on what I'm eating every day now! If I'm planning a night out or weekend away, etc, I tend to stick to plan 100% for 5 days/nights, with an emphasis on syn-free meals, then eat what I like the other 2 days/nights of the week.

My off-plan days are probably still in reasonable moderation, but I've easily maintained after eating at least 50 syns more than I usually would. I have to say I've got to this point after quite a bit of trial and error - I still go to group every week, and my weight (like everyone's) does vary week to week.

You just need to learn what your body will tolerate!


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I've been maintaining since July 2008 and I tend to stick to the plan Monday to Friday and take the weekend off, so to speak.
I have never increased my HEX's really, I may have one more each day, I much prefer to have some chocolate on a weekend and a naan bread with my curry!


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Iv been maintaining since august, i follow the plan exactly the same, but allow myself an extra dessert every now and then, and little treats that i wouldnt when im aiming to loose wieght. xx