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Anyone need to lose 5 stone?

I need to lose 7 does that count lol! I have a friend who is my inspiration. Last year she lost 8 stone and has kept it off, she started on Reductil but was only on it 4 months & did the rest through sheer determination, calorie counting & exercise. We go out walking together on a Tuesday & she's really trying to help me...... Good Luck with your journey x
Hi I've got to loose 5 and a half stone.
It seems so much to lose, I try and break it down into small goals but it seems like such a mountain to climb. Especially when I am so impatient!!! :)
Hello, I had 7.5 stone to lose when I started! I now have about 5 stone to go. It's still daunting, but I refuse to be put off! Hang in there :)
Well done that's a fantastic loss!!!!! That's the kind of inspiration I was looking for! A massive well done.
How long did it take?
hayley 29 said:
Well done that's a fantastic loss!!!!! That's the kind of inspiration I was looking for! A massive well done.
How long did it take?
Thank you :)

I lost the first 14 pounds very gradually between January and the beginning of August. I was "watching" what I ate, but not really paying too much attention. The rest has come off since 7th August, very steadily at between 1 and 3 lbs a month - and since then, I have been very careful with my diet.

I have various medical restrictions (no exercise *at all* has been allowed - although this will change next month I hope - and I'm on steroids) so I can't say it has been easy. But it does show what is possible despite such challenges. My loss has been very much slow and steady! I know that it's for the best, but I'm impatient for the new jeans I've promised myself when I get to goal. My birthday is in February so I'm secretly hoping I might manage by then :D

I have a pound to go and then I'll be under 200, and I'm going to treat myself to some new clothes then. I also do something nice for myself (massage, pedicure etc) each time another 10 pounds goes - when all else fails, dangling the carrot seems to work for me!

Keep going Hayley! You can do it. I guess the best thing I have learned is that this is my own journey, and that while the support of others is invaluable, I have to do this myself. Once I reach goal I will be working to stay there. It really is a long term change and making adjustments to my lifestyle gradually at this rate seems manageable and sustainable - so it's not just a short term fix.
Hi Crashdiet, I only started on Saturday and have 67lbs to lose, I can't believe I've let myself get like this but I am really determined to do it this time. I am so glad I found this website, I love looking at the photos and reading about people who have lost so much weight, we'll have our pics up next year! I am aiming for 30lbs loss by Christmas. x
Put on 2lbs at wi this week? it's kicked my arse back into gear!
I must stay on track!!
Hey crash diet! Your goal weight is the same as mine! At my height it is just enough to take me from "obese" to "overweight".

Believe me, we can all do this. I have lost 3 stone since joining Minimins, and although it took me a while, I can now feel the difference in my body and see it in photos.

Keep at it ladies and gents! :D
hi everyone,

i have 6 stones to lose, started...or should i say re-started today, need some words of encouragement...i cant believe i got to this weight...it feels impossible to lose it all

Well done for giving it a go! I love it when were eating out but I can never get it to taste the same at home x

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