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Anyone noticed a dip in mood after reaching target


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Hi this is a question for those who have reached target and started eating. My sister has just started to refeed last saturday. She lost 3st since beginning of feb. During the who programme she felt great which I know Lipotrim say is the great energy, high experience when in ketosis etc. However she tells me she "has felt really down" for the last few days. While she does not feel tearful or anything like that she feels its like an anticlimax, the wonderful feeling of expectation she thought she would feel when she reached her target is not there. I know that is well reported that people have great expectations that losing weight will alter their lives, when really its something else and the added weight is just a symptom of something else. That is definetly not the case here. Its just not like her to report feeling "down". Is it just the end of "ketosis" Anyone else noticed anything like this. Am sure it will pass. She does feel so much better about losing the weight and is looking forward to our holiday in 3 weeks.
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Yes, it's surprisingly common. I thought it was just me at the time, but I've seen it happen with others since.

I remember feeling kind of 'lost' which got me down a bit at the time.

I guess we build up a big picture of what it will be like when we get to goal. Almost as if suddenly everything will be good...we'll suddenly be slim etc.

But then we realise that we have been slim...that day we were .5lbs lighter than yesterday, and still in the same size clothing as last week :D

For me, it was mainly the lost 'now what' feeling. It takes a bit of time to find your place again.


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I would say this dip in mood can also be caused because lipotrim is so high in minerals etc. and when you do go back to eating your mineral intake goes down and can cause a shift of mood... maybe your sis needs a bit more vitamins and mineral and she can supplement her diet with vitamin and mineral tablets and it may help... I think also the anti climax of reaching goal, and also being so focused for so long helps contribute.. hope you have an amazing holiday and that she feels better soon x


It really does work! :)
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Maybe it could be something as non-related to the diet itself.

Maybe she was so hyped up all the way through the diet, with a goal to aim for, that when she reached that goal, it was an anti-climax.....kind of like a kid getting hyped up about a birthday or xmas, then it's not as great as they expected.

Just my thoughts.....personally, I've been OK, but as I'm still losing weight and got bad breath, maybe I'm still in ketosis??
I cant say I have felt anything like this either. I did have a few days where I was wondering what was next kind of feelings, but apart from that I have felt fantastic.

Hopefully your Sister gets to feel better soon.


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S: 15st10lb C: 11st4lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 4st6lb(28.18%)
General reply to all
Thanks for your input and I would tend to agree with all your comments "it a bit of thit that and the other"

Have checked how she is today and she feels ok different again. It must takethe body a while to reajust never mind the motional bits.
Yes we will have a great holiday in Olu Deniz,:) Turkey that is if the problems with the swine flu doesn't inpact on our plans.

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