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Anyone on 1200?

Hi guys.
Sad to say, that after managing very well through the holidays, I seem to have gone off the rails :cry:

I'm having surgery later this month, and will have to be on anti-coagulants for a few weeks after it. News that I have to go up from SS to 1200 before the surgery (starting tomorrow :cry:) and as long as I'm on the blood thinners, has really messed with my head, and I've not done well at all on SS since.

I think I'm just so scared that I'll lose control and start putting the weight back on. Even if 1200 is still much less than a full day's calories, and so I could still manage to lose weight...I just can't get my head around that. Plus, all the success I've seen on here really seem to be focussed on the SS/SS+/810 levels.

Is anyone out there on 1200 and still losing? Any advice at all is really welcome, cos as hard as the last two weeks have been, I really don't want to give up...yet my mind seems to pushing me to do just that :(

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Thanks hun. I hope there are some folks on here doing 1200! x

Serena A

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I'm feeling similar apprehensions for when I start moving up the plans in a few weeks so I sympathise hun xx.

Might be worth checking out the maintenance threads in the meantime...you might find something in there, even if some of the posts are a bit older they might still be helpful?


Stubborn tortoise
Smiley, big hugs... can understand that this would mess with your head a little. I think maybe the enthusiasm you get on the CD forums maybe stems from us being in ketosis sometimes!!! I know the results on SS are great, but not everyone maintains, so there has to be more to it than just that.
I think introducing food again is where the answer is, and that's why lots of us are scared about that - but we have to keep going & believe in ourselves.... we can do it. The 1200 plan is pretty well worked out and I'm certain that if you stick to it you will go on losing. Maybe more gradually, but that's OK. 1200 is still much lower than many diets around... once your body adjusts to the switch up from SS, I don't see how you could fail to lose. My CDC for example is on 1200 and she is losing steadily, and is a great example of working up the steps.
I do understand the fear of losing control, and know we have some of the same eating issues. I've just started reading a Gillian Riley book called Eating Less: Say Goodbye to Overeating which I ordered off Amazon after seeing it discussed on this site. Early days, but it seems good and has certainly given me food for thought. Maybe something like this would help you to feel less anxious?
Keep us posted honey and good luck with it all.

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