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Anyone Powerball?

Anyone else out there got one of these fabby little things?

Just curious, had mine for a bit and totally addicted! lol
A good, non-impact workout for the arms and chest once you get it up to speed, strengthens up your fingers, wrist, forearms, biceps, triceps and chest! :D
Great for me being a guitarist, it's helped my finger dexterity and speed a lot, not to mention inproving my stamina in my fretting hand!

So, anyone Powerball? :cool:
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Yes - my hubby and son have both got one and I just can't do it and it really annoys me ..... I'm made up if I can keep it going for a couple of seconds and they're both great at it :doh:
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Ok, enlighten me....
What's it for? How's it work? etc etc etc
Its the size of a tennis ball, and works using gyroscope technology (that is, ball inside a ring inside another ring) like this;

You roatate the ball in your hand by making wrist movement as though you were stirring something with a long spoon(i.e. a pot of something like cake mix) and this keeps the gyroscope spinning. It can take a LOT of practice to get it to keep going, it's a real rythm and smoothness thing.

the faster, and more smoothly you roatate the ball, the faster the gyroscope spins and exerts more force on your arm, thus requiring more strength and stamina to keep it going.

It can reach upwards of 15,00RPM if you can do it right, and at that speed exerts around 40lbs of pressure on the arms.

Used for short bursts at high speed, it can tone and strengthen forearms, wrists, fingers, biceps and even chest muscles depending on how you hold it (at arms lenght, like a dumbell, straight up, straight out etc.)

at low-spinning levels (3000 to 5000RPM) it can help relieve RSI as it feels "comfortable" to hold and roatate.

Being a guitar player, I've really noticed that after about 2 weeks now of doing high-speed runs for around 2minutes 4 or 5 times a day, my grip and stamina while playing is greatly improved :)

its also nice to just sit and watch TV with it spinning slowly, 30minutes go past and my arm actually does feel less stressed than it did before (being in IT I spend upwards of 9hours a day using a mouse, so my wrist can get sore).

hope that covers what you wanted to know :D
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Thanks - I think!


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Sounds awesome. I just bought it on eBay, when it arrives I'll let you know what I think of it :)


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I've got one. I love it. I use it to strengthen my hands, wrists, arms, shoulders for my pole dancing.


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I got mine today, I'm already addicted! It's awesomeeeeeee :D

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