Principles of Fat Loss Exercise


Ok then, a basic interval plan would be to warm up ata light intensity for 3-5 minutes (you'll be warmed up from the weights but more just to get your legs used to the cycling motion).

Then peform 30 seconds at the highest intesity you can by using the RPM, then back off for 60 seconds. Repeat this 7 more times, then cool down at a light pace for another 3-5 minutes.

About the RPM - as you are warming up, keep an eye on what your average RPM is showing. Then when you crank up the intesity for 30 seconds try to get the RPM up and keep it above a certain number.

Based on the bikes in my gym, a high intensity burst for a typical client is usually just around 120RPM, but find whats a good level for you.

To progres, each week add another 30s fast / 60s slow until you are going for the full half hour. When you've done that I can show you how to progress it further.