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Anyone remember me?

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!


can see the end in sight!
omg PH! congratulations. you must be so so happy!! i can't see any pics though :(

hasn't time flown! 12 weeks already!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
thanks all :) eotp can you not see the pics still? weird.

I'm really hoping for a boy, though whatever it is.. it is! lol

Time really is passing quickly and glad to say I've only gained 7lb since the day I stopped CD. :) not bad really, especially as I haven't gained in a few weeks. :D I'll be back on CD next year at some point for sure! lol


Trying to stay healthy!
That's fabulous PH, love those scan photo's they're soo exciting aren't they!
Hope you are feeling well and keeping up the healthy eating plan.


yup remember you well, was cyberstalking you yesterday on one of your threads on the PWP forum. In a non creepy sense.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
lol Lexie.. I think I'm flattered! lol ;)

healthy eating is iratic, sickness hasn't totally gone and queezy feelings over certain foods are still an issue but am getting there.. main thing is not to gain too much! :) I like my slimmer calves since having lost weight and having got down to a bmi of 32 means I can have a home birth :) If I hadn't been on CD this wouldn't have been possible as i'd have been over the threashold.. mind you I said this to my hubby and he said that if it weren't for CD we wouldn't be lucky enough to be a baby on the way, let alone a homebirth planned. :)

Anyway.. thanks for all the good wishes - much appreciated. :)


Good to hear you are progressing well.

I do have a wee lurk on the PWP forum every now and then just out of nosiness.

Good luck with the home birth. We got shown a vid for one in uni, but must have been circa 1980's early 80's, the nurse still wore a dress and hat and they had covered the floor in newspaper for easy cleanup. Ah good times, looked okay though

Personally when my time comes (in about 2.5 years) I'm looking for a home birth or a pool.
I remember you and congratulations getting to 12 weeks - heres to a happy healthy pregnancy and good luck with the home birth - rather you than me I think you are very brave

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Aww thanks girls!!
Sarette I just noticed your photos and nearly passed out! lol I am doing that nearly bit a lot these days!! lol Serioulsy though girl you are looking FAB!!!!! :) Bet you are looking forward to being a bridesmaid more than ever now! and only a small step from goal.

Berryred!! My goodness you look fantastic! :D Am so happy for you! I hope, honestly, that you will be as happy as Mr purple and I! lol We have been married 9 years this year and I love being married! :D I take it really seriously! lol You look like you had a great time, and the changes in you are amazing! :D

Thanks again all :) Lexiedog - had to laugh at the newspaper.. my goodness times have changed! lol My eldest is all paranoid about the 'mess'! lol bless her she's only 10! lol

Hope the home birth comes off, but whatever happens well we'll be fine! :)
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Stubborn tortoise
Hey Purple!!! So good to hear from you... aw, that scan!!! Great to know you are doing well and thanks so much for keeping us posted... big hugs!


Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Hi Katycakes!!

wowee!! :) you're at goal!! in a healthy bmi - so pleased for you! :D And ever so slightly envious.. ;)


Stubborn tortoise
You'll get here too... but first you have something more important to do! So glad it is all going well for you, and great to hear from you again. Is your due date 20th Dec? that is my d's b'day! Xmas babies are cool! Big hugs, purple ones of course!!!

Hi PH,

I'm new so obviously don't remember you ;) but just wanted to congratulate you on your pregnancy and the decision to have a home birth. I had a hb with my youngest and it was wonderful (in a painful kind of way :D). Having been through labour both at home and in hospital I'd choose a hb every time (if complication free pg etc).

Am feeling a teeny weeny bit jealous actually, but that will no doubt pass once I've picked my 2 little ones up from their childcare...;)

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Wow tillyfloss is that 29lb lost for the summer solstice challenge? That is amazing!!! :)

Alli, you're on a great life changing diet! just be careful if you don't want any more babies! ;) seriously, I was trying for 8 years and had given up all hope to be honest. It took CD to work for me! :D I'm over the moon and will be back on CD next year.. but on birth control! lol
Great to hear a thumbs up for home birth too! The best thing at the moment is if I hadn't done CD not only would I not have the baby, but I'd have HAD to have a hospital birth because of my weight.
boy am I chuffed to be a 32 bmi these days not a 38 :)

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