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Anyone remember SW in the olden days?


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I went back in 1998/9 & they only had red & green days. On red days you were allowed much the same as now, except corned beef was also free. & on green days you were allowed the same as now, plus tinned macaroni cheese was free (oh the stuff I used to make with that!). But both plans only allowed 1 HEA, whereas now you can have two so you can have cheese and milk on green or red.

I remember, if you didn't lose much you'd get asked what you ate & if it wasn't tons you'd get told you hadn't lost weight because you hadn't eaten enough! Our consultant would encourage you to stuff yourself silly. Honestly sometimes I'd feel uncomfortably full with the amount I ate, yet I'd still lose weight.

TBH I prefer extra easy. I do have to watch my portion sizes, otherwise I lose very little, but it fits in so much better with the family meals and I feel it's much more of a normal way to eat, ie mixing your carbs with protein.

Anyone else got memories of the SW olden days?
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Tinned burgers in gravy were free at one point, we were told to scrape the gravy off and grill them for a tasty free burger. Corned beef and macaroni sales must have plummeted when they changed the plan.


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I remember those days!!! You could buy whatever meat you wanted & it was free (none of this healthy living stuff was available), most ravioli was free as well I seem to remember & there used to be a recipe for a corned beef quiche I think.


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Yes that's right - ravioli was free! As I remember, all tinned pasta (even tinned spag bol) was free.

And yes, I made the corned beef quiche. Mmmmm mmmm
I remember those days too, the only thing I 'miss' is free corned beef, it would be great on EE to make corned beef hash!
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Oh I remember making that on a red day. You could have a certain amount of potato as a HEB as long as you ate the skin, so I baked my spud, peeled & mashed it & made the corned beef hash & forced myself to eat the skin afterwards!


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Hi All

That brings back memories making cheese sauce with tinned mac cheese and quark, eating corned beef til it came out my ears.

Tinned spag bol etc and the weight watchers pasta shells in a tin.

I think they changed alot of the convenience stuff because of the salt content (with all the hype about salt etc).

EE is so good compared to the old plan.

Good Luck All



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I sure do! I used to purée my macoroni cheese to use as a cheese sauce lol I prefer extra easy to! Altho I go light on the carbs now. First class iattendef was after my first baby, he is 17 now. I used SW to lose baby weight twice lol
I used to take campbells meat balls in tomato sauce to work on a red day - because we had no way of heating things up I used to put them in a flask.

And don't get me started on Macaroni cheese - love, love, love the stuff, especially with brown sauce mixed in. :D
Thats interesting (me and my mum tried it years ago too, I was only about 14/15 so we are talking 1991 /1992) , me and mum were talking about corn beef hash the other day thinking it was still free...
Also when I tried slimming world in my early 20's i remember tinned pasta being free, thats why i never lost weight as my whole diet was tinned and carbs , no fruit or veg .. very bad ...


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Ha ha I used to eat everything out of a tin, always had Cambells Meatballs or Stagg Chilli (rank!), tinned Mac Cheese, tinned Veg Curry, Tinned Stewed Beef, Tinned New Potatoes.... terrible!!!

Got me wanting some corned beef now!!! :eek:)
haha I am not the only one then ! I know I really fancy corn beef and tomatoes now :)


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OMG Campbells meatballs were soooo gooooood! If they were still free now, we could have Campbells meatballs, smash and peas!

None of us would ever lose an ounce!


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Ha haaaaa! I forgot about smash, I used to have Bowyers 98% fat free mediterranean (spelling?!?!) sausages, smash and campbells.... bangers and mashballs!! xx


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I still do that! Marks and Spencer's tinned stewed steak is lovely! I syn a small measure of red vino (around 4 syns I think) and add carrots, red onions, shrooms. Serve it with Butternut squash mash or carrot and swede mash. Makes a great easy to cook red day dinner!


Always comes back to MMs!
OMG lol, and I wonder why Im still trying 8 years later....!

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I remember those days really well! I first went along to Slimming World group after the birth of my daughter, and I lost the baby weight quite quickly, eating all of the forementioned stuff! She'll be 30 on her next birthday! lol

I went back on the Slimming World bandwagon quite a few times over the years, so I've seen the changes quite gradually over the years, and each time they've changed things, I've wondered how on earth it could have worked so well before! lol

I know that Slimming World always have their finger on the pulse, identifying all the likely Syns out there, hidden amongst their tinned labels, etc!

When the manufacturers change their recipes, and hence Slimming World discover the Syns in there, it's really re-assuring that they're on top of it all, and are quick to let us all know!

But my, that cheese sauce made with blended tinned Heinz macaroni cheese .... on top of cauliflower was really AMAZING! I suppose we can still have it now, and use our Syns!
I still do that! Marks and Spencer's tinned stewed steak is lovely! I syn a small measure of red vino (around 4 syns I think) and add carrots, red onions, shrooms. Serve it with Butternut squash mash or carrot and swede mash. Makes a great easy to cook red day dinner!

So if i take out the wine, and added more veg would that make it a syn free meal on EE

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