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anyone switched from cd to ww?

Hi, I have been dong cd for 12 weeks done really well but the last 3 weeks only lost 3lbs I did ww b4 and lost more than this on 20 points. I just wondered if anyone else had switched and how they got on? I am a little worried about gaining as have been having 810 calories this week and sts, it was always my intention to use ww to maintain but I still have 12lbs to go, has anyone switched and gained? I am unsure of what to do, but cd is expensive and only losing 3lbs in 3 weeks is tough on a vlcd
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I switched!

I didn't gain anything - in fact I lost 3lbs the week I switched. I came straight out of ketosis as well. I introduced carbs very very slowly over the first few weeks so as not to overload my body. I still don't eat many carbs to be honest.

WW is great, but is does take a while to get used to smaller losses. I've never had a gain though and just 2 weeks sts so not bad.

I lost 21lbs (I think!) in 3 months by cutting down and drastically upping exercise first, then I lost 30lb in 2 months on CD and have now lost another 28lbs in 5 months. However WW is much much easier to stick to and I honestly don't feel like I'm dieting most of the time. It's just a new way of eating and I never feel deprived really.
Ive switched from CD to WW and am on my 4th week now.
I lost 3.5lbs the 1st week, gained a lb the 2nd and lost 1.5lbs this week.
Its not the big losses you get on CD but its a much healthier way of doing it and Im so glad I changed over :D

I did CD in 2008 and lost 7st in 6 months but found the maintaning very hard and the slow reintoduction of food was horrible as I was constantly hungry on 1200 plan!
I then fell pregnant with twins and regained 4 stone :cry:

I lost 2 1/2 stone with CD and am doing the rest with WW. I decided that I would have to deal with food at some point so may aswell start now and start developing some better habits lol
Thanks so much for your replies, really helped me I am going to switch today but still have `1 cd product a day, and really up my walking. Will let you know how I get on, been so worried about to starting to eat again and I dont think thats a healthy a way to carry on.
Once again thanks a million guys
I got panicky about eating again and thats when I knew the CD had to stop because I was developing a new unhealthy obsession lol

If it helps the tetras work out at 2pts each and the bars at 3.5pts each so you can easily work them into your new WW plan.
I still have 10 cd products left and will just have them from time to time and point them.
Tonight I will probably have a choc tetra and make it into a hot choc to have with my biccy treat :D

Just go easy with the carbs to start with and you will be fine.
Porridge and couscous are good starts as they are lower gi.
Goodluck and look forward to seeing you around the board x
Thanks again, thats exactly what i have feeling paniced to eat, so now I am relieved to have made the decision to move on I am only 9lbs from goal and will still have a cd product for my tea, I had a lovely salad for lunch today :) even if I sts this week I would be happy, have decided theres no rush for the 9lbs just want to enjoy a healthy diet for once and not obsess so much :)
Thats the best attitude to have :D it can be hard some days when you think what you would have lost on cd but the main thing to focus on is keeping it off x
I know hundreds of people who have done cambridge (through forums) and I honestly only know 1 person who has successfully maintained for a few years and never used cd once they finished maintainence!
I have had 2 cdc and both still use cd regularly to control their weight and I didnt want to be the same 2 years down the line.

I have days where I want the weight off yesterday but then I think that I want to be "normal" with food and not drinking all my meals!

I still have just over 1 1/2 stone to go and I know it will take a while but the thought of giving up food again really doesnt appeal!
Well I am so glad I switched, so far I have been having shredded what for breakfast, big chicken/egg salad for lunch with 2 cracker breads, apple/kiwi mid afternoon and a cd product for tea, my scales are showing 2lb off but there not too reliable my wi is on Tuesday morning, cant wait to see :)