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Anyone tried and failed at other diets?

I didn't quite know how to word the title but I've been thinking about joining for a while now. I had my Daughter 14 weeks ago and I'm now heavier than I was the day before I gave birth. I've tried every diet going and just failed every time. I just read the success stories with SW and see the huge losses which makes me think maybe it might be easier to stick to that other diets such as WW which just made me so hungry and grouchy. Had anyone tried everything before and had success with SW?
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Hi Carrie,

This is my second week doing Slimming World and I'll be honest it doesn't even feel like a diet. Once you get to grips with the basics in the beginning it's pretty easy to follow. I have tried WW numerous times and although it worked at first I grew tired of counting everything. SW introduces you to the idea of free food that is low in calories and fills you up and encourages you to eat healthy food as well as allowing you to have treats so you're not deprived of anything but still lose weight. Like I said I am only on week 2 but I lost 4lbs last week and I'm already feeling better.
I feel compared to other 'diets' this is a healthy eating plan that actually works and takes into consideration what most people actually want... Good weight loss results without depriving yourself and being able to maintain that loss at target.
I go to group every Wednesday, I was nervous at first but I was made to feel so welcome and I couldn't wait to get started, I felt as though I wasn't alone and everyone is so supportive and encouraging. I also use these boards and forums a few times a day to keep me motivated...everyone is fab.
I hope that helps you and good luck if you do decide to start SW...xx


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Hi, i also ended up gaining weight after i gave birth to all 4 of my babies :( God knows why?!?! Too tired to cook and became a take away addict i think!
I did slim fast after my 2nd baby, it worked, but as soon as i hit my target i could not wait to start eating and very very quickly put the weight back on! It was not a plan i could have sustained.
I have also tried to calorie count in the past but never succeded with that! Life turned into numbers lol and i am no mathamatition!
I think slimming world is brilliant! It really is very very easy, especially if you have a family to cook for, as everything can be addapted! My 8 month old is loving the superfree soups i make. Lol
Slimming world is a way of life, a healthy eating plan for life that allows you the freedom to enjoy your food without counting everything and still have treats, roast dinners, fry ups, even take away!!! Just over 3 months ago i had no intention of going on a diet, i was fat and happy! Then my best friend told me to just try it (after her success of losing 4 stone!) and I have now lost 37lb and dont feel like i have put in any real effort! Not every diet suits every person, but slimming world is worth a shot!! Goodluck xx
Thank you both for your replies! Thats exactly the advice I was looking for, I didn't know if I had worded my message well, lol. I'm definatly going to give it a shot. I always thought it looked rather complicated before but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it.

Thanks again :)
S: 13st9lb C: 10st11lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 2st12lb(20.94%)
:) it does seem complicated and I was exactly the same at first thinking red green orange syns healthy extras...what does all this mean!!?!! But the food optimising book tells you everything and if u make some lists of what you're going to have for breakfast lunch dinner and snacks I find that helps when u go shopping too. You'll be grand I'm sure it's easy peasy once you get the hang of it...x
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I have tried loads of diets but always come back to sw, this is it for me now sticking with it! I find it best for eating well, healthier and good losses x


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I try and view slimming world as more of a healthy eating plan than an actual diet - as someone said before me, it doesn't even feel like a diet, especially when you're over the basics and things start to become a habit.

I'm currently at target, and I still mostly follow the plan (but with a few extra naughties!) to make sure I'm not putting it all back - but it isn't difficult to do that because unlike other diets like WW and slim fast (trust me, failed at both and others besides) it's really not very restrictive at all, especially if you're following EE, which is what any consultant would recommend you do at the beginning.

Good luck!


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I failed miserably on ww. Too hungry. All my points gone before dinner and a bit too much counting.

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X Kelly X

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Oooh yes here's my list of failed diets!
Ww, Rosemary Conley, Cambridge diet, celebrity slim, slim and save, soup only diets. All kinds of fad ones too which were dangerously low in cals as well as so many slimming tablets it's un real!

Seem to have found my feet with sw and have so much energy I exercise!!!! :-0
Love love love this plan!!! :) xxx
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I tried ww and though i didn't fail exactly, (i lost nearly 2 stone.) I got so fed up of weighing and measuring everything. I was hungry all the time and just couldn't eat the things i wanted to eat. I made the conscious decision to give ww up.
You just have to try sw. Its fantastic and doesn't feel like a diet at all.


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It ain't hard. Just takes you getting into the mindset. It's basically:

All plans: unlimited fresh/frozen fruit and non starchy veg

Green unlimited healthy carbs, so your dry pasta (fresh pasta has oil), beans, rice, cous cous, starchy veg ie spuds, peas etc

Red: unlimited lean, healthy meats like chicken with skin off, fish, meat with fat cut off

Extra easy: all free food on red and green is unlimited, but try to make a third of each meal fruit/veg to limit calories

Healthy extras: those foods which are good for you but in large quantities can put on weight. You get a healthy extra A each day for calcium ( measured milk or cheese) and a healthy extra B each day for fibre and vitamins (wholemeal bread, cereal, dried fruit etc). On green and red you get 2 of each instead of one.

All plans: 5-15 syns a day. For those treats or extras you can't live without. Basically either for extra healthy foods that put on weight, like nuts and cereal. Or for food without much nutrition like chocolate, ice-cream, gravy etc.

It's the least amount of weighing/counting I've ever had to do on a diet.

I tried the starve-myself-till-I'm-thin diet once. Lost weight, maintained for about a year then put it all back on plus 2 extra stone. And I was miserable! This plan's great!


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I think I've tried every diet going over the years, pretty much!

I've come back to SW now, because it's now I need the support, and the mindset that comes with knowing that I can NEVER run out of things to eat during the day. With free food, if I get to 8pm and need to eat, I can. I won't have used up all my points :rolleyes:

For me it's that knowledge that I *could* eat continually, if I wanted, that enables me to actually eat less :8855:


Just doing it this time
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I am 55 years old and have tried every diet under the sun - including some very dodgy diets - like the eggs and cabbage diet (1970's) - and the soup diet. The grapefruit diet :8855:the Paul McKenna diet where you tap yourself when feeling hungry :8855::8855::8855:vegetable diet, the low cal diet drinks and powders. Weight watchers about 7 times (tobe fair I did get to 8.7 on WW MANY YEARS AGO) kept the weight off for 7 years too - was only 9 stone 5 when I had my 2nd child.

My main weight piled on after I stopped smoking 20 years ago and I have stayed at around 13 stones for about 12 years or so.

Last year I was determined to get to 10.10 (my personal goal) and stay there - I got to 10.12 and have FOOLISHLY allowed myself to creep back up to 11.11! I have ONLY been following SW WAY OF EATING now for the last few years as I know it's a fantastic way to eat and keep slimmer.



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I have tried loads of diets over the years, but as soon as they finish the weight goes back on again.

SW is a way of eating for life, not just a diet.

The great thing about it is there is no weighing and measuring of food.

Perfect for me - having lost 6 stone, I think its worked!.
S: 18st12lb C: 10st2lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 22.2 Loss: 8st10lb(46.21%)
I've been successful by calorie counting (lost 5 stone), RC ( 6 stone loss) WW (4 stone loss), and a previous go with SW (4.5 stone loss). I don't have any problem losing weight, but I do struggle enormously with maintaining it!

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