Anyone use a Wii to exercise?


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First78 said:
I'm thinking of getting a Wii as a way of exercising. I'm looking specifically at getting the Wii fit thing with the balance board.

Can anyone tell me exactly what you get on the Wii fit and whether it's the best Wii game to exercise with or whether there are pther better games?


They are good fun, but don't beat a good bit of proper cardio like a nice brisk walk or a jog round the park(which are also hundreds of pounds cheaper ;) lol)
I have the wii fit plus game which I play alot, and wii sports, and have got my eye on the new Marion and sonic Olympics game! The biggest loser game is alright too


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I use my Wii a lot, however I don't have the Wii fit board and all that malarky.

I try and spend at least 1 hour a week on the Wii, but will often spend a lot longer on it. I like to play Just Dance - it really works up a sweat and gets your heart rate going. Plus the songs have different levels of difficulty which means you can build yourself up to the harder levels.

My mam got me Zumba for the Wii for Christmas, which I am yet to try. Going to have a bash of that this week, will let you know how it is xx


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I've got the balance board but tend not to use it, I find the activities on Wii fit a bit boring. I like Just Dance, I do that for half an hour most nights, it's a decent cardio if you do it properly. The big problem with the Wii is that if you really can't be arsed it's pretty easy to cheat and all you end up exercising is your arm/wrist! You have to be honest with yourself otherwise it's pointless!!

If we didn't have a Wii, it wouldn't be top of my list for dietry investments. I'd get as much exercise putting a cd on and bouncing round x

Happy Holidays

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Yes I've got Wii fit & balance board & use it but not as much as I'd like. I like the dance games & got Abba for Christmas which is brill, but you don't work up a sweat.

I agree a walk is just as good & far cheaper, but then again no fun this weather:D


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I've got the Zumba for the looks like it could get your heart racing. ;) I'll let you all know when I've tried it :p


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but you don't work up a sweat.

I do!! I am quite unfit though, plus I smoke. If you don't do any execise at all at the moment I think the dance games would be a good starting point.


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It depends how fit you are to start off with. If you have baseline fitness then youprobably need something abit more challenging than the WIfit . I have the Zumba and it makes me wringing wet! My fave is the EA Sports Active, tho the resistance band needs upgrading. I found it really challenging, and after the first few days found difficulty coming downstairs :eek: But I lost 2" of both my waist and hips in the first 30 day challenge :). The good thing is it's not as repetitive as an exercise dvd.
Having said that I've just started exercising again after 6 months and I've gone back to the Wii fit to break myself in gently.