Anyone use Wii Fit?


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I'm not brave enough to try the 'shred' just yet so instead thought I'd dust off my Wii Fit (Plus) & build up a bit of exercise seeing as I'm not really doing any at the minute! lazy.. Does anyone else use a Wii Fit to aid CD? Does it make a difference to your weight/inch loss? Or is a complete waste of time?

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Hi SexxyMummy --

You might want to repost your question on this thread.

I think a lot of people are using it. There is a challenge on-going. I signed on for it -- but have not been using it.

However, I have a new Zumba game for the Wii and will start to use that.

I have a friend that swears by her WiiFit and she has certainly toned.

Any movement will burn calories, and the I think the yoga and pilates are especially good.

What I do not like about the WiiFit is that you are not supposed to wear shoes -- and I know a few people who have been injured my doing the aerobic (impact) exercises in stocking feet.

I have a aerobic step and have free stepped while watching TV. I used arm weights for about 1/2 the time. I used my pedometer as well as time to measure my workout. I stepped for about a mile in 45 minutes and used the free weight for 30 minutes of that. I wore my proper shoes --