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Anyone want a buddy?? Started on 1 Sept

i started cd sept 2nd weighing 18 stone 6:eek:
so if you want i will be a buddy at work now but will post this evening take care
Hey will be slim.

I will buddy you,
I started ss 28/08/08 and nearly half way.

Week 1 = -5 04/09/08
Week 2 = -2 (totm) 11/09/08
Week 3 = -4 18/09/08
Week 4 = -5 25/09/08
Week 5 = -4 02/10/08
Week 6 =+4 (on hols) 09/10/08
Week 7 = -8 16/10/08
Hi gailt39 and nicii,

thanks for replying, it would be great if we buddied together. I check this website everyday for motivtion at the moment, so its good to have buddies for that extra encouragement. Both of your weightlosses are fab, I'll update my signature so its accurate.

My cdc started me straight away on ss+, which stage are you both on?

I'm currently on holiday in Florida and have taken the porridge, shakes and bars with me and 11 days in have not cheated. It has been really difficult though and the scales have stuck on the same weight for the last 7 days!!
sorry never got back been so busy i have done 7 weeks 6 on ss and last week on ss+ back to ss for a while missing my little meal already lol
wow florida i love florida whats the weather like nice i hope congratulations for doing it on holiday it will be worth it when you get home ignore scales til you are home water retention could be a problem but once settled weight loss will be good!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hope you have a great holiday speak soon
Hey Im on SS, this is my 8th week,

Im so worried tho im off to spain with the lads and my mate and i cant be doing this diet on hols, So i am giving myself a break, but so scared i will put on loads eek.

The thing is i know i will be back on it straigh away when i get back, so giving myself a realistic target date of 23/12/08 to get to my gola weight.

Start Weight 14 s 3lbs
Week 1 = 04/09/08 -5
Week 2 = 11/09/08 -2 (totm)
Week 3 = 18/09/08 -4
Week 4 = 25/09/08 -5
Week 5 = 02/10/08 -4
Week 6 = 09/10/08+4 (on hols)
Week 7 = 16/10/08 -8
Hey there, I have only been dieting properly for the last 2 weeks so i would love to buddy up and have someone on here for encouragement etc. At my very heaviest i was 17 stone 2 but at the moment i am 15 and a half, wanting to get down to 12 and a half eventually. I have been going through all the posts but would have nice to have someone to talk to! xx
Hi gailt39 and nicii and welcome to sammy84,

Thanks for replying, it really does make a difference looking forward to your posts rather than looking at other posts.

Tomorrow (Thursday) would be by normal weigh in day but as we are in Florida for another week, it won't be happening.......

I can understand you being worried Nicii about going on holiday and putting lots of weight on, it takes me many months to 'get my head' right to tackle weight loss. If I hadn't done this on holiday, I would have put the 21lbs back on and not managed to diet again for at least another 6 months. I'm hoping that when I get to my target weight I can lighten up a bit and enjoy food and drink on holidays.

Great to talk to everyone!
well said you can still have a good time on holiday without eating just think of all that lovely sunshine lol
hope you are having a great time went to florida 2 years ago and loved it even went on THE HULK !!!!!!!lol hated every minute but still went on it to shut the kids up
have you been shopping to the outlets yrt god they are amazing and so cheap get some smaller clothes to bring home as an incentive you'll feel great when you can get in them
speak soon take care and carry on enjoying yourself

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