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Anyone want a buddy?

Hi I will be your buddy! I started tuesday so not too much advice other than the fact that this site it sooo good to keep u motivated! I need someone to kick my butt along the way and I will do the same. I have 70lb to loose 2 which is a bonus!

Kelly x

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Oh just wanted to add that I live in Southend-on-sea essex lol how funny x
Wicked, your just down the road! he he. My son took before pics of me a minute ago, they are bl**dy awful, excuse my french, talk about reality check :cry:eek:h well, am very positive about LT, feel very inspired, hopefully will last through the horrible first few days....:p Good luck hun x:talk017:
Yeah i got my bf to I was looking at them like who is that fat person im my pjs lol. Oh well it wont be for long! Yeah im sure u will do great, the first day was ok just seemed to be food averywhere, day 2 had a bit of headache so drank more water and went to bed early today I feel fantastic I no its olny day 3 but my belly feels flatter! 1 thing everyone is saying is have 2 to 4 litres of water a day. Good luck u no u can do it! x x
Morning:D had some weird dreams about food, eating crisps and stuff and forgetting I was on LT until I had swallowed them, strange...:confused:

Just had a strawberry shake, was ok, just about to start on my first 2 litre bottle of water, what a chore:sigh:

Have left my scales at my friends so cant weigh myself which is frustrating...anyway.... hope you good today, catch up later xx:gen126:

Wobbley Woo

Life Is A Constant Diet.
I am so glad there are a few of us all starting together, I just made it to day 3 and have amazed myself at doing so :giggle:


Life is not a Rehersal!
HI everyone
Would like to join your buddy group too, if poss? I am in my third week and still going strong.
I think if we click on each others name, we can add as a friend, might make it easier.
I am fairly new to this site so only just finding my way around.
A little tip I have found; it might help......I crush loads of ice and have it in my shakes and they are great! I crunch the ice (I know, not very good), but it helps as it is a bit tedious just drinking all the time.
Have a great weekend!
Wicked we have buddys! Im on day 4 feet really tired dont no if its down to LT of the lovely weather! I dont like the strawberry one either think its yuck so i drink with lots of ice it seams to help. One good thing tho im not really hungry anymore. Oh flame I no what u mean about the dreams I keep waking up thinking oh no i ate loads of chocolate and take away.....obviously not! Hope day 1 is going ok for u just stay on track and drink loads of water! x
Hey all, I started as well today (29th May 2009) so if there is any more buddy love in here would like to join in !!

So far so good in that I've got to 6pm on the first day, lol. Long may it last.

Welcome minnie me, well done on getting through day 1! It does get easier well im only on day 4 but it has got easier in them 3 days lol. Im sure we have lots of buddy love! Good Luck to all x x
Hi all,
well im nearly at the end of day2! Had abit of a headache today but i reckon its because i haven't managed to drink over 2L of water.
I haven't found it that tough to be fair, i never really feel hungry either, its the mind battle!
Tried the chicken soup 2day! YUCK!:sick:
Vanilla was YUM YUM!

As scotsmist im also new to this and haven't really got a clue what to do!
so id be grateful for some tips and advice!

Thanx xx

Wobbley Woo

Life Is A Constant Diet.
God I haven't tried the chicken your day 2 soup yet, am dreading it, going to try it tomorrow.

I was told to put pepper in it tho

well done on your day 2 flygirl
Hi everyone, have managed to get to the evening without eating anything I shouldnt have, have drunk 3 litres of water and am absolutely starving! Hunger pangs from hell:(

I might have another flapjack, it was enough to put me off food for life! he he x:D

Hows everyone feeling, its nice to see soo many on here, take care xxx;);););););););)
Hi every1 :D
im startin diet 2moro 30/05 so im also lookin 4 buddies so please feel free 2 add me and hopefully we can all get thru this DEMON diet 2getha lol

All the best peeps
Jody xx
I liked the soup at first but not anymore, my fave is half of the vanilla hot with a tea spoon of coffe and half the chocolate with mint tea --- it is so nice!

Catrano - well done on your 11lb loss thats brilliant! bet u cant wait till next weeks weigh in.

Kelly x
Hey all,

Yeh I had heard the chicken soup wasn't great. The lady I dealt with in the pharmacy is also doing lipotrim. She's been doing it for about 4 weeks. She was telling me that she doesn't like the soup either but that she had a really bad day about 10 days in and the soup actually helped her because it was a break from "drinks". Got her back on track. I might get one or two of them next week and give it a go.

She also told me that a lot of people find the chocolate one more filling? Don't know how true that is !!
Hi there..am newbie and still trying to get to grips with this site!!!! Just got weighed for my first week...and down 11 pounds!!
That's brilliant. I'm sure that makes it all worth while!

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