Step2 810kcal Anyone with not much to lose?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Amber.x, 14 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Amber.x

    Amber.x New Member

    So I am on Day 3 of the Cambridge diet and I am doing Step 2. I don't have much to lose - just over 1 stone will bring me back to my 'pre-pregnancy' body. Although I am more concerned about inch loss than how much the scales say, I just want to be happy and feel confident with my body. I am going on holiday in June so that's my motivation, to not feel self conscious in a swimming costume. I know the weight usually comes off slower, the less you have to lose. Is there anyone else in a similar position? My first weigh in is on Monday so that will be day 6 of the plan. I find the evenings most difficult as I have to cook oh and kids dinner and have to resist picking! Especially when oh spends the evening nibbling on chocolate before bed! :mad: would love a Cambridge buddy for a bit of support and to share progress and ideas with! Xx
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  3. alex251206

    alex251206 Member

    Hi! How are you getting on 3 weeks on? I'm doing step 2 and currently on week8, hoping to do another 7-8 weeks then move up the steps
  4. Amber.x

    Amber.x New Member

    well the first week I lost 5lb and the 2nd week I lost 2lb. But the third week I gained 1lb :( she then wanted to move me up to step 3 but I found it really difficult.. I just don't have time when I'm at work all day to be weighing up food for 2 meals so I have stuck to step 2 instead and I have my weigh in today. I feel I can stick to it much better when it's as many shakes as possible involved.. As soon as I start eating food I get a taste for it and find it much more difficult to stick to! You have done really well in your 8 weeks!! I have 9 weeks until my holiday and would love to get down to my target by then! X
  5. alex251206

    alex251206 Member

    I found that when I was really busy (work, kids etc) I didnt eat or drink enough and missed shakes & soups, so now I have the ready made as I dont have the excuse of having to move from my desk to 'eat'. Since then I'm back to losing 2-3lb which is good. Also week 6 & week 7 I had a macdonalds one week and pizza hut the following week but also did a fair amount of exercise to work them off so I think that gave me a boost. its really difficult not picking isnt it! The kids are all healthy and active so they have treats and nice meals which is so tough! But they are trained well and wont let me eat anything naughty!

    you've had a good start - keep on with it - my weight loss always slows down and i get water retention before my monthly cycle - but I usually catch up after. its tough sticking to it, but it will be worth it when you are on your holiday! How much do you want to lose? I would like to lose another 12 - 17lbs in the next 6 weeks then I'm moving up the steps!

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