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Apparently my dragon breath....

Smells like someone has broken wind :D. My son who is sitting on the other end of the sofa has asked me who farted (seems on investigation its my breath). OK this is bad I definately need to get some of those breath strips, I know its meant to smell of acetone but methane lol.
Very funny but bit embarrassing too! Best get drinking loads of water which helps right?
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OMG my daughter said that to me two days size10! I was too embarassed to post it here but I'm so glad you did. Bet other fartybreaths come out of the closet now too. :kissass:

Got on the listerine pronto I can tell you. Makes my face go like this though! :eek:
Thankyou for replying waterworks ha ha at fartybreath. He has been monitoring the situation (and enjoying it..boys!) and sometimes there is no smell and sometimes horrendous smell. OMG. Weigh in tommorrow, breath strips for sure. I seems better when I glug water. Any other closet fartbreathers? x


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lol i do agree it like farty breath, i cant sometimes smell my own breathwhen talking to people, and find i try not to breath on them or keep turning away when i speak, they must think im crazy but i swear when ive not had a drink for a bit i can smell it


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I feel left out!! I haven't got it!!

Does everyone get it?

I keep going up to hubby and breathing fully in his face and saying "does it smell yet?", and he keeps saying no. He can be a bit of a joker, so i might have to wait until he says "no" but pulls back with a disgusted look on his face! lol


Never give up
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Don't feel left out of this particular party Su! It's like staring into the leper colony and wondering what you could be missing (see what I did there?) :D

My breath is apparently particularly foul right after I've had the soup. Maybe because it's chicken? (See what I did there too?) :D

Man I'm good. :kissass:
I just sniggered out loud (with my mouth closed). Su have you smelled a fart lately?? I am so embarrassed I don't want to talk to anyone close up. And wworks very clever. x


Never give up
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Phooeeee! How close were you to the screen when you typed that size10? :eek:


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does your breath end up stinking that much?
good job i have fore warned my man and the kids and when i told my son (6yrs) he said to me 'it's okay Mummy i will always love you and give you big long hugs'. lets hope he means it which i'm sure he does - bless his cotton socks.
so when does the stinky breath phase start? as i'm starting tomorrow tfr and also have a dentist appointment on thursday

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I went to the dentist a few weeks ago, Just some advice, Don't try and hold your breath, I did that, my mouth got really dry and I accedently licked her mirror and finger. She took it well, but I felt really silly!

Dahlia Rose

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my breath stinks!!! and the taste in my mouth! ive gargled a bottle of listerine in the past 2 days!!


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I feel left out!! I haven't got it!!

Does everyone get it?

i havnt got it yet too but do have a very dry furry mouth so am drinking loads of water. maybe thats why


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Mine doesnt seem to be too bad but then i'm constantly sipping water all day.

I was also told by my pharmacist that you can use certain breath sprays even though the video says you cant! Has anyone asked about this?

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