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  1. Hezz123

    Hezz123 Full Member

    Hey everyone, just thought id share this as I dont know if i should be worried or not. Ive noticed that as the weeks go on, Im finding it much easier to eat less, so much so that between 6am an now (2.50pm) all I have had is a smoothie for bfast and a ham swich (no butter!!!) for lunch. (this from someone who used to,by this time in the day, have eaten most of the kitchen, including the cooker :rolleyes:) Thing is, im worried im eating too little??? Is that possible?? Will it affect the amount of weight that comes off? Stupid question I know but i remember someone saying that if you eat too little then weight might come off slower???? Or is that just a scare story??? Im not on any special diet, just watching what i eat really and exercising. xxxxx
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  3. IrishMum

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    It's definately possible? Are you counting calories? If you are and you're eating under 1000cals a day its possible you've gone into 'starvation mode' (google it for more detailed info?) I've been there and its not easy to get out of, but it mightn't be the same in your case? When your metabolism slows way down because it thinks its in famine mode your body will send signals saying you're not hungry to 'preserve' itself.
  4. WillowFae

    WillowFae Gold Member

    I would be surprised if a smoothie and a ham sandwich was enough to sustain for that long a period.
  5. Georgiestar

    Georgiestar Silver Member

    yes you will not loose it very easily if you eat too little, I know because when I started my diet I ate fruit for lunch instead of a sandwich and the weight was just not coming off, now I always have 3 meals a day!
  6. SparklingFairy

    SparklingFairy Full Member

    I know in the past I've gotten 'too' into it, sometimes your body holds onto your weight more if you do this, maybe count calories just tobe on the safe side.

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