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Apple or Pear?

just curious to know which one looks better after weight loss. as an apple girl i think we r a bit shortchanged by our fat distribution because if we loose weight our tummies seems to be more pronounced. but as for pear girls they balance it with their bum,,,,, and in all honestly we dont have alot choice in clothing because u will either be hidding or trying to find clothes that balance ur shape. trinny and susanah acknowldged it was the hardest shape to dress. what does anyone else think??
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is a naughty girl...
I have to agree as an apple girl. everything is baggy on my arse and tight on my tummy. please always say I have no bum and my mum tells me I am all front :D
I'm a pear, pear, pear. At 30 I've come to accept my body shape and dress appropriately, so no skinny jeans (forever) as they make my huge bum even more HOOOOOGE and don't even go there about my hips!
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I'm a pear too! why is it that the last place I loose weight from is the bum and thighs but its the first place that any weight goes back on? at this rate a triangle is a better description
mrs essex=lucky B*tch.

I'm an apple myself, no bum or hips!!! so really I'm an upside down triangle - horrible to try and dress Thank god for Spanx
I have no idea what I am anymore. I have quite big boobs, small waist, big hips, smallish bum. I look hourglass in the mirror, but always saw myself as pear.
Perhaps I'm a banana


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I don't know what I am either :D. I might be a banana too :D. I used to be an apple with big arms, bum, boobs, butt and thighs :D. Now I am starting to get a waist. I can't wait to see what shape I will end up with, and then love and embrace it no matter what fruit it becomes :D
Well I guess I am quite flexible with the yoga that I've done. I think it should be a new catagory for people who are confused like me and Asa! We're bananas and proud :)
Haha @ the banana trademark.

I think height might be another criteria as well.

Yes, it's strange that there's apple and pear and then hourglass.


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I think I am a pear for sure, all the weight I have lost so far is from the top down, so gone from a size 22 to 18 on top, but was 24 on bottom and only gone down to 22, I hate the shape of my body, and at this rate I will be left with fied eggs, as boobs, a big saggy belly and huge arse! Oh the joys! I wanna be a bannana too!
[email protected] lol

watergirl apparently there is brick,chelo,bell and wait 4 it lolipop ...they say lolipops have small round head and straight body. god knows what other shape there is. funny enough hour glass is more favoured some say they were made 4 the boys ...hmm i read that when dressing women should all try to acheive hour glass with clothes i.e apple can strangle the waist creating balance at the top and bottom. while pear will try to balance with some volume on top to compliment their behind. imao pear is very lucky FRUIT even health wise its better to have junk in trunk rather than in the middle. but grrrr genetics:jelous:
haha junk in trunk - that's a funny saying.

Join us Caz - bananas of the world unite!
Apparently I am an hourglass - a couple of years ago my employer organised a seminar for female employees which included a lecture from an image consultant and an individual assessment of body shape.
I was delighted (as was a colleague also given the hourglass diagnosis) - we went to Pizza Express to celebrate!

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