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Approaching the end......

I am about 2 weeks away from starting RTM.

I was thinking last night about my first post here on minimins, and the friends I have made here along the way, and how I would have felt lost at times without this forum. It was exciting - dash to the PC every opporunity I got to see how everyone was doing.....

x-katie-x; Ladlylite; Corey; Alibongo; Kellie =], DonnaLou; Mikey; Slimssea, Bex,and others whose names escape me.....

We all were sort of starting this journey at the same times.....and there was so much banter all the time. And such wonderful support and encouragement.

And now, I think I am the only one still here. I know Bex is here in RTM, and Lady pops in now and again - but it makes me sad. They are all gone - and I miss their support, especially now at the end.

Please - please no one take offense - I love all the new members starting out now - its exciting reading their posts - reminds me of me when I started- the entusiasm, and questions - its wonderful.

And have gotten to know so many more along the way. Tange, RC, Kaalin, etc., so many others again.

I just feel - iuts hard to explain - but, when you all start at the same time, your feel like a little troupe - and my troupe is all gone now. :( I miss them. I had visions of us all celebrating, etc., together as we reached our goals.

<sigh> JUst makes me a little meloncholy. ANd its all very hard to put down in words.....i hope peeps understand what I am trying to say.

I just miss my little pals. :wave_cry:
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i do understand how you feel BL. We were devastated when we lost 2 girls from our group in week 6 so to lose people along a 7month journey must be even harder.
you bond with your little family and on difficult weeks you find yourself doing your best because you dont want to let them down rather thasn because you dont want to let yourself down.

BL I know exactly how you feel hun, I am lucky that some are still here and some I still hear from via FB but there are some that aren't and I miss them xx
THanks girls. :)

I suppose its the natural cycle of things....people move on....they make goal and get on with life, or they have to stop for whatever reasons.....and as people get to the end, they go away. :(

But - I love watching all the nwe starters - as said, I see so much of myself in them!! I will never forget how I felt at the beginning of all this. Ever. ooops - tearing up thinking about it! :D It is just such a wonderful thing to see the excitement and hope - and I can sit here and say - YOU CAN DO IT....look - if I can....!! etc., so I do enjoy that.

Well....thanks ladies. Glad to know others have either felt it or can understand it. :)

I know what you mean too BL. When I started in April, all these names were regulars and although I was more of a lurker then and I felt so inspired by these people. I just hope they are all doing ok, I'd love to hear how they are all progressing.
I have always found it hard to accept that people come into and out of your life and usually this happens for a reason. Friends you make, you just move on and new ones appear along the way... same old cycle.

I think I'm going to need these forums forever to keep me focussed. I'll be seeing you in RTM as you'll be a few weeks ahead of me and also bexnkev and Tange so you're not alone! PS: I'm on facebook too so if anyone feels like adding me, PM me. It's a good way to keep in touch even if you don't check in here so much. I really want to hear about everyones success!
Hi BL, you started four months after me so I remember your first posts well! I try to pop in every day to see what is happening, especially in the RtM forum but have noticed that RtMers have disappeared by the wayside too! Have hardly seen anything from Alibongo since she went on hols and my guru Deb G has disappeared totally:sigh:.

Hopefully it's because they are doing really well and don't need the forum support any more. Anyway, be assured that I can't wait to see you in the RtM forum really soon. We need some new posts in there desperately!!!

hello :) thanks for the mention up there!
Im always here- looking through the posts and am totally alongside you with your journey- even though you dont see me iv definatly been sitting on your shoulder :)
I always tell people about how your doing and use you as an example whenever I speak about LL!
Its just wierd, like this sounds awful, but I hate thinking about LL now- I dont know why- Im maintaining fine and have been for months, infact iv even lost more- so its not like an emotional struggle or anything for me to see others loosing- I guess I just want to forget that I was ever fat cos i was so bloody unhappy during that time. Its so selfish that I dont really offer my advice cos believe me I have loads to give- I guess talking about it just freaks me out. Im in fat denial i guess. But seriously Im totally up to date with where u are. and will be happy to help u out with RTM, cos thats the hardest part- but if u get it right it will be a breeze :)
I can totally understand that Kellie. I do miss your posts but I think sometimes if you think about these things all the time it becomes an unhealthy obsession! When I was on WW years ago, I slept, ate and breathed weight watchers points. I'm glad you're doing so well and well done on keeping the hard bit under control :) xx
thanks for that! and yeah I guess your right- i did feel myself constantly talking about diets/weight/lighterlife/ calories etc and i guess i just need a break from it. Iv learnt a massive lesson and ill never go back to my fat ways and thats the most important thing- i guess im ready to move on and be slim :) xx
I remember reading your posts in the early days before you even started doing LL and thinking "If anyone's going to succeed, this girl will!"

I'm delighted that I was right all those months ago. You've done absolutely brilliantly and should be justifiably proud of your achievements. You look amazing in your latest pics! :D

I'm lucky in that some of my 'original' friends (both from Discovery Health days as well as Minimins) are still around on here even now, but it's been wonderful to make new friends and see their progress too. I hope some of your original bunch reappear sometime - but wherever they are I'm sure they still think of you and feel delighted on your behalf that you've done so well :)
Aw, thanks for that Kelly! :) I do miss you girl! But I hear ya. Its nice to know you are 'out there' though - and I am so chuft you are still doing well. I knew you would. LIke what SUmmer just said about me, I knew when you were here, that you would do it. Ijust had a feeling - so pleased for you!!

Keep on keepin on, and I know you are there. Makes me feel good. :D


THanks for all that you said. :)
THanks SUmmer! That's nice thing to say too! I was so firghtened iof failing in before I started this - and then - it just kicked in and turned on~! Phew!!

I remember seeing your pics early on thinking you were too gorgeous to have ever been heavy!! It was very inspirational for me!!! That was one reason I had realy hoped to meet you in BRighton - to tell you that in person. :( Booooger. NExt time! :)

I guess this is the first "purpose built" forum I have belonged to - for lack of a better word - where people will come and go..... I just miss 'em. :( ANd worry about them and hope they are all OK. :)

Thanks everyone :)
can i just say blonde logic that u have inspired me, its cool to read about someone who has done most of it and is coming out of the other end, to me 14 weeks (well 13 and 1 day! lol) is sooo long away its cool to find out about how u have done on ur jounery and to think it could be me in 13 weeks and a day!
I've read BLs posts from when she hadn't even started - it's an eye opener that someone who is now so confident and fabulous was actually no different to us new starters. The fear was still there, not knowing what was going to happen or how she was going to feel.

And now look at her! :D

A great inspiration BL, you are fabulous and I hope to be as successful as you have been! ;)

Aw, thank you ladies.

Polly - you are spot on. I was TERRIFIED when I committed to doing this diet. I thought - months! Without food!!??? YOU ARE HAVING A LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! But then, I thought MONTHS versus YEARS on a conventional diet, and then thought if I don't do this I am a flippen idiot! So I bit the bullet.

Did I have fears when I started? Oh my - yes I did!!! Did I have lows, and moments of despair - oh indeed. Many hours spent berating myself for even getting as fat as I did - days spent thinking of what I missed out on in the first half of my life because of how lousy I felt about myself. Well. OK - lets be honest - HATED myself. I really did. I was brickin it.

But, along the way, those horrible, dark, sad, painful moments - suddenly started lifting, and things were getting brighter - and instead of glaring at my reflection - I began smiling back on it. And then soon - I saw ME again - buried under my battle garb - but me - I was still inside - and from that moment =I knew I had to get out.

The tides turned. The fear became excitement. The thought that I might ACTUALLY, REALLY, be slim on day.....that could happen!! And that gave me such a rush - such a surge of hope and an unfamiliar feeling: looking towards my future. I knew then, I was going to have a future to look forward to. Before that - there were days I really wondered if that was the case.

I was here, on minimins, daily - hourly!!! - clinging to every tidbit of ideas, morale lifting, inspiration, support, a shoulder, tips - everything. I was like a sponge.

I then knew - not far into the diet, maybe about 3 months - jst before Foundation ended I think - I knew without an ounce of doubt that I was going to crack this. That I was going to be "healed" for lack of a less-cheesy sounding word - that I was going to be whole again.

As soon as that clicked, I was fueled for the duration. Lapsing was not every going to be an issue because it juts was not going to happen. And I can proudly say - the nearest I have lapsed is when my boss accidentily passed me her wine instead of my water (same glasses) and I took a small sip without realising!!! Nearly spat it out too as I don't like white wine!! lol But I have stayed 100% - because I know that ensures I get to my goal.

There'll be tough times ahead - fully aware of that - but I am also aware that I can now cope with anything that cmes my way, and can do anything I want to if I put my mind to it.

All you new starters - it may feel like a struggle to you now. But I promise you - shake off those negative feelings - and EMBRACE what you are doing. You are changing your life!!!!! You are REGAINING your life!!! Enjoy everything that goes with this diet - the good the bad and the ugly. Focus on how wonderful THAT is, rather then how you are feeling down about the diet, etc. It really will shift your whole experience. A postive attitude is essential - and really will work magic. I used to be a skeptic - now a firm believer!!;)

You have so many exciting times ahead of you - I can't stress that enough. Its worth every single day of abstaining to wake in the mornings - WANTING TO WAKE. HAPPY to face the day.

<Sigh> I am excited for you. You have no idea yet how wonderful you will be feeling in a very very short time.

Try and think of that, rather then feeling pooey about the early days of having to diet.

And remember - its your last diet ever if you do it right. ;)

And - this pearl of wisdom that has floated around minimins:

If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got. ;)

Thanks ladies!!!


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