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Approx 14st and 5ft 1 - anyone started near this?

im 5ft 4 and was 13st 8lbs when i started ll aug 2009. i lost 65lbs in 17 weeks then didnt complete rtm. got to week 5 and thought i could do this alone.......... WRONG! i was 11st 11lb when i restarted last sun and have my first weigh in 2moro so hoping for a biggy.

take care and good luck! xx
Thanks for the reply Carrie! It's just a sortof guide thing I guess, I'm hoping to lose approx 5.5st in 6 months! xx
I'm 5'1" i was 12st 5 when i started i lost 20lb in 6wks had a break over christmas and started again 6th Jan putting 2lb back on. Its the most i have every lost on a diet tried WW numerous times losing about a stone in 12wks getting disheartened and putting it back on and more besides (was 9st 13 when i first joined WW 20yrs ago). For the first time i feel like i might get to my goal.
Wow 20lb in 6 weeks?! That's amazing! Well done on your restart! Will keep an eye out for you x


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Well we are all different so even if you found someone with the same height that weighs approx. the same as you there is no guarantee you'll be losing the same as them. I wouldn't compare myself to anyone to be honest and focus on my own mini goals instead.
I'm nearly 5'10 and was 17.5 st when I started (sigh). So far I lost 4 stone since sept. Saying that December was pretty much a write off for me with bday Xmas and NY and my own personal demons.
Anyway. 2 stone to go! :)

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Pinkie :)

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:wavey: Hey blue_grapefruit!

I'm 5'2" and was 14st 2lb's when I started. At my last weigh in (5 weeks in to diet) I'd lost 21lb's... So, am 12st 9lb's now... (See my signature for weekly breakdown of losses!) :)

However, magiclove is spot on... it so depends on the individual. I found myself getting quite disheartened by my loss's as they seemed lower that others I'd spoke to... Until I came onto this site, and the fab girls here pointed out that my loss was pretty good, and should be pleased! And now I am... :D

Regarding the general rule of thumb, according to my LLC anyway... it is speculated that you will lose approx. 1 stone in the first 3 weeks, and from then on, approx. a stone a month. But everyone is different, so don't get hung up on this...

Hope that helps! ;)

No I know, I've done CD in the past, but it's nice to see that shorties get good losses too.

Thanks for the replies x
Hi there
I'm 5 1 and was 13 1 when i started.
I lost the least out of my group whilst in foundation - but was more than happy as I lost the stated 3 stone - then went on to lose about another stone and half in developers ( see breakdown in my signature)

It does depend on the individual, but you will lose weight if you stick to the plan - you can't not!

Good luck
daisy x
I'm 5' 2" and started at 11st something, I think 6. I finished foundation on 8st 9lb and went on to lose 3lb more to get to my lowest ever weight (since I was a skinny 20 year old). Started at size 16/18 ended at size 8/10.

Now I'm 9st 8lb and size 12 so trying to lose that gain and maybe a little extra to be safely in the size 8 zone.

I have a graph of all my weights each week in my foundation course, could email them to you if you like?

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