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ArcMom's Weight loss diary!


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Hmm, so i decided to start this, more for myself than anyone else. I think having something i can look back on, and all in one place, see how im doing may help me. So no one needs to read this if they dont want to.:rolleyes:

So, yesterday was my first day, went ok, i was very hungry by the evening. But then im used to snacking on crisps, chocolate, take outs in the evening!

I have a just turned 2 year old, and an 8 months old baby, and have never lost any baby weight, indeed, i think ive put on at least a stone since the baby was born! Terrible eating habits, barely eating during the day, then once husband home from work, lots of crisps, chocolate.

So, i have decided to do something about it! I have tried just cutting down, did not work, tried weight watchers, i find it shockingly easy to cheat and lie to myself about points on that!

So i decided to give slimfast a go! I then know exactly what i can have!

So yesterday was my first full day on slimfast. I had a meal replacment bar for breakfast, then a slimfast snack, a shake for lunch, a slimfast snack, a stir fry for dinner, lots of vegetables, a bit of chicken, Dinner was about 650 calories to be honest. I then had a snack about 10pm. I had a very very bad headache from yesterday afternoon. Then realised i had not had a cup of tea all day (making sure i drink plenty of water) and while im not a big tea drinker, 1-2 cups a day, the headache went when i had a small cup of tea with skimmed milk!

So, today, is my second day! Husband is off out for a curry tonight with his work, as a thank you from thier managers, for hard work! (my husband does hard work!!:eek:) so im thinking i might do myself a nice chicken salad tonight for dinner!
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welcome, and im sure everyone will want to read all about how you get on!!!

i know what you mean about the drinking a cup of tea/coffee....
and it does help...

aim for more drink esp when you are hungry, and it will help tide you over for a little longer.

i love chicken salads.... yum yum...

good luck, and keep posting!


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Well, my first week over, and i have gone down to 13 stone 11 from 14 stone 3!

So i am quite happy.

I am finding it, so far, not too hard going. Even managed to get a 600 calorie sunday roast done!

I did slip up slightly at the weekend as my brother was staying with us and wanted takeout! But myself and dh managed to avoid going down the pizza, garlic bread, burger route we normally would have done! i had a small chips and a fillet burger with no sauces on so that was ok.

So, i am very pleased after the first week. :D


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hmm, im not very good at this am I!

Anyway, weigh day again on Monday, and i lost 3lbs, so a total of 9lbs.

I am doing ok on the Slimfast. No where near as hungry as i was for the first few days.

I have a meal replacement bar or a bowl of bran flakes and skimmed milk for breakfast, and a meal bar or a mug size tin of soup and a slice of weight watcher bread for Lunch.

And dinner, we are finding it fairly easy to get a 600 calorie meal, easier than we though, we have just made certain changes, veg instead of chips, plenty of salad type stuff as a side.

I do feel that this will work! I feel very positive about this, unlike previous attempts at losing weight! I doubt i ever lasted as long as i have this time!

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