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Are Packard Bell computers ok?

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I've no idea how good a packard bell is.

But how much you pay would depend what it has on it, eg word, excell, is there a printer, are there any games, internet, are they providing all the set up discs (for printer etc)?

How much have they asked for it?

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We're getting the computer which has a flat screen monitor, keyboard, mouse, 2 speakers, its got windows xp, been set to factory settings has the discs/instruction book. Its also got a scanner & printer which is epsom & 8 mths old & 4 new cartridges. Its 4 years old & she wants £150.

I'm so rubbish & not sure if its a good deal or what? Its so hubby can do course work...

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Thanks Michelle I hope so xx


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computers are only 'meant' to be good for 5 years. So if it's four years old ...

My computer is older than that though and is fine, but then I do a lot of maintenance on it and keep it ticking over sweet as a nut.

You will notice that even charities asking for PCs to be donated request they are not older than 5 years old!

At the end of the day a computer is worth about as much as you are willing to pay for it.

But your lack of confidence in knowing the price is no doubt shared by the seller too, I would suggest if you want it then put in a counter offer of £100 and you might just get lucky.

Compared like for like at any time, it is a great make, and indeed the one shared by my own too, but most PC makes are pretty equal anyway.
Id agree Id be wary about buying one as old as that. My other laptop is about 4 years old and its rubbish in comparison to the one I mainly use. Considering so many PCs are almost out of date by the time you buy them new Id not be keen to spend much on one as old as that. Do you know the size of it and the speeds? Id want to know all that before considering it or you might find its so slow it feels like its going backwards
I came into this thread earlier and didnt know how to put that as well as you two have. £150 is a LOT for such an old PC. Yes the printer and the cartridges probably amount to about a third of that, but there is no guarantee with a computer that age that you will get much use out of it for a long time, and the parts you would need to replace should it go wrong will be very out of date and therefore potentially quite expensive.

When you can pick up a brand new laptop for about £100 more, that puts it into some sort of perspective.
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What spec is the PC? Memory etc. I'd be wary buying one so old for that price. Last year we bought a second PC from a company on ebay, a pretty decent spec and only about £140 with delivery. In fact the spec was the same as one we'd bought new 2 years earlier for £500.

I think £150 seems a lot for an old PC, you say it's for internet and husbands study rather than gaming etc so you don't need a high spec so you could probably pick one up much cheaper from the local paper though I don't think I'd trust that personally but then I'm a bit picky.


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I wouldn't pay that for it.seems a lot. Packard bell is a good make though. Please bear in mind that new computers can be really cheap now if you aren't looking for anything too fancy. Keep a look out in the supermarkets etc.

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