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Are the soups vile?


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I only got shakes in van choc & strawb this week as I didn't want to get a mixture & not like them.

I am not desperately craving something savory. So much so, I was ready to wrestle my toddler to the floor for a bite of his fish finger!

Do you make them quite thin like a cup a soup & do they taste chemically? Which are the nicest ones?

I know everyones taste buds are different, but I just need some convincing that it's worth me trying them.
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the only soups I have are chicken and mush or leek and potato, I always split the pks into 2 as I can only drink them when they are weaker I use about three quarters of a pint of water per half pkt of soup powder, mix the powder with cold water into a smooth paste before adding hot water from the kettle.

But like you say every1 is different.xx


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It really does depend on who you ask. Some people do say the soups are vile, others really like them. If you're trying your first soups go for something like Chicken and mushroom, leek and potato, vegetable or oriental chilli if you like spicy. Those are about the ones I sell the most of.
I think most of them are bland, but on the plus side they are very easy to blend!!!! on W8 we were permanently beating up soups with hand blenders and all sorts but these mix well I just didn't think they had much flavour to them. But as the others have said, try a few and see how you get on. good luck. x
I'd try a chicken & mushroom one as your first, I was like you and hated the idea - but as you said sometimes you do just need the savoury - Make it up slightly thinner than it says, and add some freshly crushed coarse black pepper (not the powdery stuff) to the top. I also find that it doesn't taste powdery (is that a word?!) if you leave if for a minute to thicken up. Then and only then is it Yummy - but it is VERY Yummy when you need a savoury hit!
I don't even use a blender just a bog standard balloon whisk - as I find them too frothy and wind inducing if I blitz with the hand blender - I like the chicken, mush, chilli but not the leek and pot - I also love the chicken one cooked as a muffin/stuffing - tastes like a dumpling (if you use your imagination) some people make crisps too - not dared this though.
I find the soups great for work - as I jsut add water and whisk then have a huge bowlful to eat with my colleaguesx
spicy tomato - not terribly spicy - I can't do hot hot spice but can handle both this an the chilli - the tomato always looks a bit grim as it has a wierd white foam scum on top - and can be a bit grainy - I think

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