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Are there any recipes you just WILL NOT change?

I am making stew for tea and I am just Synning the olive oil. I'm not spraying with low cal oil or even dry frying, the olive oil adds to the taste.

I'm also making Hummingbird chocolate cupcakes later (I won't be eating any *le sigh*)and I wouldn't even think about replacing any of the ingredients for a healthier substitute!

Does any one else have any recipes which they really love and would never change, even though they follow Slimming World?:):)
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TBH I cook everything that requires oil now using frylight, I don't have any other oil in the house. Actually thats a slight lie, sure there's a small bottle of olive oil in a cupboard.

I always dryfry mince, but then I did beforehand.

I am pretty strict I guess, If its not SW friendly then I don't make it if i'm eating it. The kids still have home-made cakes & that that I try very hard to resist, but general meals, then I make them SW way or syn them :)
I can't stand the taste of frylight, so always use olive or rapeseed oil, since they are good fats, I don't mind giving up a few syns for them, don't use lots though. I wouldn't change cakes either, or use Splenda,
I too use olive oil, I like my roasted veg done with a teeny drizzle. One spoonful is enough and worht the syns/hexb as delish!
I won't eat 'free' houmus i.e. without tahini. It just doesn't taste the same and I love 'proper' houmus with tahini. Well worth the synnage imo. X


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I still have my traditional stew - it's an African dish, so it just will not taste the same made with Frylight. Admittedly it uses A LOT of oil, but I only have it once a week, sometimes more - but I syn it accordingly and it hasn't done my losses any harm, plus it's the one meal I eat with my family.


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I NEVER use oil now, always frylight. I cant see the point in using oil, what a waste of syns! I dont notice any taste difference.
I like the hummous with or without the tahini paste. I'm not against using sweetner ( i have been using tesco sucralose sweetner - doesnt contain aspartme - which is what tastes so bitter.) but sometimes it doesnt work or you need the whole Jar! rice pudding with sweetner is YUMMY :)
SW lasagne is a pet hate, the yogurt/egg topping just isnt the same as proper cheese sauce.
I agree about the tahini. I don't think that hummus (however we spell it!!) is right without it.

And I have never found a low-fat salad dressing that I like, so I either have nothing at all or I have some really lovely Italian olive oil. I would prefer to syn that than spoil the salad. And yes, I know, lots of you like the low-fat salad dressing but I just can't stand them.

This is the whole point of syns, isn't it? So that we can have the things that, for us, are important. They might not be important to anyone else, but we are all different.
I'm with you on the hummous - I even bought some tahini paste and synned it to make my own but it still didn't taste the same.
Yes, even with the tahini it can be devilishly tricky to get the taste right. I've given up trying to make my own and just by Tesco's. Morrisons is bleurgh!

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