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Are there any Veggie haters on RTM?

Even though Im still in abstinence, we were chatting to our locum LLC tonight, about RTM.

I mentioned that I have never even many vegetables in my life, and that the sensation of something like broccoli or cauliflower in my mouth actually makes me gag. I can endure carrots and peas at a push!!

Im also a bit of a strange old thing with an allergy to lettuce (dont ask me why, I have no idea!!!) so that kind of rules of salad as well.

She was saying that the my tastes would change and I'd definitely like raw cauliflower and similar things that are in RTM, but I *really* cant see it happening!!

Will it make RTM hard for me if I cant do this - or are there ways around it?
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Happily pro pointing!
I haven't ever been much of a veggie fan to be honest and have an intolerance to some salad leaves like rocket and watercress. However there are so many types of leaves that you might find some you can have. You can also have raw cabbage and spinach which make good salads but aren't lettuce in week one. It does progress quite quickly each week too.
I have discovered that I love celery (!?!) raw pepper and raw cauliflower which I do find odd, things don't seem to taste quite the same as they did before.
I would recommend you try everything you can, you just never know. I am actually really enjoying my salad every day, to the point that I look forward to it. Honestly, that isn't something anybody would have ever though they would hear me say, this diet does really change you.

I would say that not liking lettuce isn't going to be too big a problem.
Unfortunately it is a few weeks before you get peas and carrots ;)

Deb G

Silver Member
Was worried then....thought you meant 'veggie haters' as in you hate vegetarians!!!!

I've always been a picky eater (to say the least) but I've decided to try everything on the food list each week just incase my tastes have changed (bar meat obviously!). So even though I LOATHE radishes, I've ordered some this week and will have them on Friday night in my salad.....just in case.

Give it a go - you can always spit it out!


Happily pro pointing!
I thought I didn't like radishes but there isn't that much too them and they are nice in salad.
I think a lot of my 'don't like that' thoughts go back years and years and some just because my mum didn't like them so always put me off.
So like you, I am going to try most things on the list each week.

Deb G

Silver Member
Yeah - all my 'don't likes' are from childhood! I never tried pizza until I was 25 because 'i don't like' tomatoes (or so I thought at the time). This is a great chance for us to have a second try at working on all those long-past food issues!
There's a very nice recipe in this seasons Magazine for grilled turkey with low fat cheese on a bed of spinach.

Even the spinach looked appetising - and that's something I NEVER thought I would hear myself say!!! :eek:

Deb G

Silver Member
LOVE spinach - just had some for my tea as a matter of fact (with quorn fajita strips and cottage cheese). It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOo lovely!

Deb G

Silver Member
Yep - day one - fabulous! Got my sugar free jelly and greek yog coming in tonight's Tesco shop - so can have a pudding tonight!!!!! YAY!


Full Member
day 1, you will be please to know
Being pretty much a total carnivore before I started LL, Im really keen to know, being totally honest, is Quorn a reasonable enough alternative for meat?

I used to mock the stuff mercilessly before I was on LL - now, four weeks into abstinence, the idea of it is sounding positively lovely!! :eek:


Happily pro pointing!
not that keen myself, you are allowed, fish, chicken and a few other bits on week one too.
i have really been enjoying salmon and mackerel and I wasn't really a fish person before.
definitely give it a try, but it isn't for me.

Deb G

Silver Member
LOVE Quorn. ITs great if you want a low-fat alternative to meat. My hubby has it in his lasgane, stirfries etc and says he can't tell the difference. It also goes a lot further (in my opinion). The chicken pieces and the fajita strips are great. The mince is good too, but make sure you add a little extra water as there is no fat to dribble out of it like there is with meat. The bacon is NOT bacon, but it is a nice smoky taste that is lovely added to an omelette!

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