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Are We Insane

Earlier on this evening I think my hubby came to the conclusion that I needed sectioning.

Reason for this is that he caught me making 'crisps' from my pack. I assume I made them correctly as they tasted nice and crunchy.

But I think he had a point. There was me smearing gooey baby food looking soup over a piece of greaseproof paper, and the zapping it in the microwave and then literally jumping up and down because they worked and I had crisps.

The things this diet makes you do are amazing. I have never in my life taken so much care over making something to eat. Even the mousse is like a military exercise.

Other than the obvious reward of great health and good looking bodies, I really think we all deserve medals for the things we endure in the name of having something other than a liquid meal.
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I know exactley what you mean. I only told my cousin i was on this diet last week and she thought i was crazy, lol. Then today my friend saw me measuring out exactley 80g of cod and trying my best to have 2 tablespoons worth of cumcumber lol and was wondering what on earth i was doing.

I have never tried making the crisps though, i cannot stand any of the soups. But i have been craving crisps soooo bad these past few week.

I think when you are on a diet like CD you want to make sure that everything is done perfectly so that you know you are sticking to the diet and weightloss is guaranteed. I like to go by the book on things like diets because then if anything goes wrong you can easily identify why.

As for the excitement of making the crisps, it seems like such a maybe to if it will work or not, you can do nothing but jump up and down when it turns out good. It really is an achievement when on CD, i know i could never make them, lol. Besides not having crisps for a long time can do that to a person, lol

Congrats on the crisps, i hope you enjoyed them. xx :)


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Had to laugh at your post.
What are we like? My husband finds this diet and my little rituals most amusing!
It's amazing what you can do with 1 cd pack and a desperate dieter!!


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Im only on my second day but the effort and concentration I put into making a shake is something I would never normally do .... lol and lastnight I was trying to measure out my brocolli and cauliflower on the spoon, and the cod had to be just right.

My other half was just as bad though, I was measring out the water in the jug, put it on the side to level it out to see if I had enough, then he checked it, then we tipped a dribble out, then put it on the side and waited for all movements to stop to check again .... we did this about 4 times before decing it was ok ... lol .. both crouched down by the worktop looking at the jug of water .... lol madness


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At least all the preparing keeps our mind off eating!!!

I also tried the crisps yesterday and had success put flakes in them and a bit of parika on top... they were sooooo gorgeous!

flakes - as in cadburys :D no wonder they were gorgeous LOL

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