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Are you thinking about new year resolutions yet


I will succeed!!!
Yes I've started to think them over. So far:

Do my BEST at SW and reach Target before April at the latest (I say best because if I say 100% I'll fail very quickly lol)

Tone up and get my arms looking good before wedding dress fittings start

I will add to these though lol xxx
Me, me!
1. Get to target with SW and get toned too
2. Sort out my finances - they're not horrendous but could be better!
3. Really concentrate on my freelance work
4. Start riding again - this is once numero uno is achieved
5. Finish my Diploma
6. Keep learning Italian
7. Once I get to target (before I'm 30) I really want to change my style clothes-wise!

I normally make a "green" new year's resolution - last year it was to use as few shop carrier bags as possible and I've hardly used any which I'm very pleased about, prior to that I decided to recycle more than we currently did, so that meant tetra pack and brita filter cartridges and to start composting. This year I'm really not sure what else I can do "green wise" so I'm still thinking about that at the moment.

Other than that, I resolve to try and be more patient with my daughter - I often find myself telling her I don't have time to listen to her tales or look at her work and then I feel guilty so I want to make more time for her.


running strictly on fat!
My resolutions are:

  • continue losing until my goal for my bday:candle1: in May
  • plan trip :7600:to China as a treat for losing all the flab:party0016:
  • sort out my financial situation (all these credit cards *sigh*)
  • start my MA :painting:
  • return to dancing:dooney: (even if it's salsa once a week):0chacha:
  • move to the house with garden so I can get meself a dog :chores016:I dream about and of course make my grumpy cat :kitty:happy for a change lol
  • to be more organised
  • do not choose wrong guys any more :heartpump:(end off!!!) - no more time for yet another mistake!
I am sure it will keep changing but I want to know that I will be focused and prepared this time.:smoke:
I don't make NY resolutions, if I want to do something I generally do. But I do plan a lot, currently on my list is 2011 holiday; I want to go back to India but & I'm in the process of making OH think it's his idea!

MiniMim2091 we went to China 3 years ago & it's brill the people are lovely (but not the men spitting :() and it's so cheap once you get there, well worth a visit.

I wish you all well with your NY resolutions :)
- Keep my target weight and never go out of my 3lbs either way.

- never buy somthing i would 'usually' wear. Embrace my new figure and dress to impress.

- Always take the effort to get up each morn and do my hair and makeup, i didnt realise how stuck ina rut you can get if you dont bother, it really lifts your moods.

- wear a bikini and feel proud for holiday to spain in march

- start saving for a house.

- start working fulltime. x


running strictly on fat!
MiniMim2091 we went to China 3 years ago & it's brill the people are lovely (but not the men spitting :() and it's so cheap once you get there, well worth a visit.
That's the idea - I might actualy shop a lil on a way back (all the "authentic" bags and my new "rolex" haha)

Mine is to wear more bright pink lipstick!
What a fantastic idea - might incorporate it in my ny resolution as well.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Get to target (obviously)
Exercise 4 times a week
Cheer one person up every day
And retire on Dec 24th!


I'm the tortoise.
I've got a few.

Get organised:

meal planning
clearing credit cards

Obviously lose weight, I 'should' be at target by now.

I was also supposed to get married next year, but financially, it's not going to happen. So I want to set a date for 2011 at the very least.

Start pole dancing properly again, probably going back to class after burlesque classes finish.

That'll do me for now >.<

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