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Are your SW classes giving you what you need ??


Hi I am due to start my first SW class on Tuesday and have been reading some old posts on here and came across a thread where people were commenting on the poor standard of the SW class after weigh in..

They didnt seem to like the way they classes were structured as it didnt involve much constructive/practical advice and demonstrations, what they wanted was a cross between the diet of SW and the class structure of WW.

Have things changed, or as the other posters were saying, is to much time spent on clapping and asking everyone how much they have lost.

I know all classes are different, but most of the posters were reporting a similar story.

I think I will really need the support of a class so I am hoping it is going to be something I can look forward to every week.

Any thoughts

Thanks :)
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I really enjoy class, its so inspirational and motivational, something I never got going it alone at home. Love hearing about how much people have lost and what they have done in the week etc :)


Thanks Sarah-Jayne for the quick reply, I love to hear inspirational stories to. :)

So pleased to hear you saying you enjoy the class, it was starting to put doubts in my mind as to whether I would get much out of staying behind.

There is so much I didnt know about SW (even though I though I knew it all already) so going to class really opened my eyes and mind more. Love the taster nights, its amazing what you can make SW friendly!

Enjoy class mate :)


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I enjoy my group too. I've made a few friends there. We swap clothes, recipe ideas and even go to coffee afterwards for a natter and in some ways continue the sw group as we carry on talking about our experiences. We have quite a few target members who have lost anywhere between 1st to 6 stones and their experiences, help, encouragement and advice are just as much, if not more so, valuable to me than what my consultant has to offer.

There is no way that I could just pay £4.50 get weighed and then run. The chemist just down the street can weigh me and it would only cost 20p. I value the information and help that I get from my group and now that I've lost a total of 3 and half stone, I like to feel that I can pass on my advice, help etc to the new people joining us.

We're a team :D


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In the seven years that I have joined SW I have been to three different groups and have had several consultants.
I have always enjoyed class, and with the exception of one consultant, who gave it up soon after starting, they have all been good and supportive.
I love the ideas given, the general chit chat, seeing how everyone is doing and the general friendliness and assistance.
It is well worth going, and staying.
I have only been going for 3 weeks (4 meetings) and have to say I am a little disappointed so far, but am trying to give it chance!

All we have done after WI is to go round the group hearing what everyone has lost/gained/sts and why. While this can be enlightening and occasionally inspirational, I was hoping for more in the way of taster nights, recipe ideas, talks about why we're doing what we're doing, etc. It may be that my consultant does this, but only occasionally, so I haven't had chance to find out yet.

That's why I'm so glad I found minimins - tonnes of support, ideas and inspiration from you lovely people :D
I love my group too and we spend majority of the session talking about our losses and inspiring eachother etc. As we have our group in the morning, we don't really have taster sessions which is a shame but I doubt anyone would fancy sampling currys and hot dishes at 10am in the morning haha. Does anyone elses group do that?
Maybe people are more likely to comment if they aren't happy, than if they are!

I have experience of two classes, the one I go to and the one run by my sister, and they are both quite different. But both very good, and well worth staying for.

In my class the people who have been there for some time make a point of chatting to new members, and we have a lot of real characters who always have something to say. We have taster evenings regularly and they are very good for trying new things.

I hope you enjoy your class.
I have a really great consultant, Fiona. Depending on the size of the class, she can sometimes fall away from the topic of that day's meeting because of specific questions asked by group members. Rather than a hindrence, I find this helpful as you glean so much more information, especially if you are having trouble understanding the plan.

I have made some really good friends within the group. Occasionally they have a "taster" meeting but we are encouraged to bring something along whenever we hit on a great recipe we want to share. Yesterday I took in some "syn free on red" pate that I had made along with celery, pepper and carrot sticks.

I think it not only depends on the consultant, but also on the members attending the group. I'm a great believer in "you only get out, what you input". If you don't stay for the meetings, how can you expect to learn about the plan, and find out if or where you are going wrong if you don't seem to be succeeding.

Luckily, our group has a fantastic sense of humour and even if someone has had a gain, through that humour, we are able to support, make them feel good about themselves regardless of the gain, and get them back on track.


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i really value what i take from my meetings - i have attended classes with a 'the best' and the not so great and they do differ greatly! I've settled in a class due to it' vicinity to my flat but am more than happy - thats not to say i wouldn't change anything! Having attended my fair share of diet groups there is a definate 'slot' for a happy medium! I had a fab WW consultant once who used to occasionally bring a camping stove in and 'cook' up a food idea - which was very engaging/entertaining and she'd alwasy end class with a funny little poen to motivate you for the week ahead! If you're not afraid to stand up and look at the ideas table in SW you can gain alot more than just sitting there listening to others loss/gains..... i often day dream of being a consultant and things i would do/say that are different to surrent but thay do have a structure they have to follow!!
I've been to three different SW groups-the first one was good but after I'd been to a few the consultant got a new job and it stopped. The next group was a lot bigger and the weigh in took over an hour, then the IT was only half an hour. This seemed like a waste of money (and time) so I tried another group. The consultant was sitting gossiping with the members and didn't even bother saying hello to me or anything. I only realised she was the consultant after about 10 minutes when I saw her badge! If that had been my first ever meeting it would have put me off SW for good. After that I'd run out of groups to go to and decided to do it online instead! I do think it's better to go to the meetings in an ideal world but the ones in my area do not seem that great, but maybe I'm just fussy lol.
My group has won Warm and Friendliest group in all of London 7 times in the past 11 months. :D

I LOVE my group and C and it's an integral part of my weight loss. Couldn't have done it without them!
I absolutely love my class and look forward to it each week! I've tried different ways of trying to lose weight before, but I know following SW and with my class and C I'll get to target xxx
I love my class too. I think that all C's are different and have different styles but are probably ment to keep to broadly the same format. WE talk through each person in the group's weight loss/gain and what they did to get there. We all chip in with ways to overcome blips and issues and share good recipies. I look foward to going each week and surely could not have lost my weight without them.


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Our numbers at group are so very small, 8 at maximum. Sadly there is one lady who manages to monopolise the whole time because there are fewer people to distract her. Every week she says that unlike us, she is happy with her weight but doesn't think SW works for her. last week she put on 6 lbs and said "I only had one night of fish and chips, one big mac and no I can't be bothered to weigh my healthy extra's " it drives the rest of us insane but no one, not even the consultant can shut her up. In a way it is worse with a small group because the focus can be too intense some times. I still go though because it keeps me on track for weighing.
Thanks everyone for the replies I really hope the class I go to is as good as some of you say yours are, I can but try.

I suppose its trial and error so fingers crossed and thanks again :D

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