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Argh! Can I have a moan Please!!

Ok, I need to write this as a distraction, before I do something silly, like raiding the kitchen!:sigh:

Tomorrow is weigh in for week 4, I have chosen not to AAM this week, as its been my son's and my birthday this week, and I didn't want the option of eating anything with all the treats and cakes about! I did it too! :)

I am on 100mg thyroxine, due to having my thyroid removed in the summer-but have had the levels checked, and they were all fine.

Im SSing and have lost
Week2: 4lbs
Week3: 2lbs

I weigh myself first thing in the morning, after a wee,naked. I'm nice and pink on the ketostix, so I'm in ketosis too. And Ive seen 11 12 1/4 all blinking week!:cry:no change in measurements from the second week either!
Feeling really fed up, as I have alot to lose to get to a healthy bmi. I was sure after only 2lbs last week, it would be a good week this week:(
Ive been having 4 litres of water, 2 shakes and usually 1 bar in the evening. I'm going to drop the bars as of today, to see if it makes a difference. Its just the frustration of sticking to it for two weeks,to lose 2lbs and paying alot of money that we don't really have spare- to see no results! Just feel so gutted

Any Ideas anyone?

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Hi Moon Beam, I'm very new at this only on day 8 so I can't help you much. I know this CD diet gives some people great losses very quickly. You seem to be doing all you should. Don't give up keep with it and drink more water. I understand that the water helps with the weight loss. Take care


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Your body needs time to adjust itself as you lose weight.

You are still losing weight!

However, it might be a good idea to cut out the bars altogether for a week or so and see what happens. If you are particularly carb-sensitive the extra carb content of the bars can make the weight-loss slow down considerably.

I can have one bar every day to no ill-effect but some folks can't.

Also the thyroxine can wreak havoc with the metablism which upsets weight-loss too.

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, in case you have some water-retention going on.

Hope all goes well x


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I was going to say water retention, but the way you have to look at it is, if you are sticking religiously to SS 100% you cannot not lose weight, it may not show up every week on the scales but you are burning fat!! I remember 1st time round on my 4th week I only lost 1lb.. but your AAMW is the 5th week and I found this kick started my diet again! so I would give AAMW a try, maybe aswell you are more sensitive to the bars...

Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow, and talk it over with your CDC...



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i do know that some medicines hamper weight loss, as my friend lisa hardly loses anything on ss and she sticks to it religiously and asked her doc and he said it was her tablets, so stick withit, and do try dropping the bars for a week and seeing how you do with that, good luck


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Hey chick,

Please don't be too disheartened! I too am on thyroxine 100mg (although still have mine) and it's not affecting my progress at all. So please don't be hasty and assume it's that!

The average weight loss for SS is 14lbs per month - although it's not likely to be a linear stable loss each week of say 3.5lbs. Some people tend to lose a chunk of weight one week and less the next and you may just be one of those. Grit your teeth and stick it out another week and see what happens. Over the month I'm sure you will have lost the 1 stone average.

STBG has a great idea re. the bars - give it go, you've nothing to lose except weight ;)

Chin up x


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I am sure you have lost inches , my CDC told me when i was doing CD to drop the bars . Not on CD at the moe . It will be ok give it time
Thanks everyone!
I'm not going to raid the kitchen:D no way!
Im going to drop the bars and give it another week and see what happens. My CDC thinks my losses are good, she has a client on thyroxine who has only lost 1lb per week for 6 months!!!:eek:
I do feel great on the diet, so maybe next week will bring me a good loss!
You've done great, keep at it.

From what i've been told is; that sometimes when the scales don't move you are still losing weight (fat). It is summat to do with the fat in the fat cells shrinking but water taking its place to keep the cell the same size, (this can last for a week or so) the water in the cells will eventually give up;hence the a big loss in one week. Hope that makes sense.
OK just a quick update! TOTM started last night- came a week early! Explains it all, usually I bloat and gain about 5lbs when I'm due.
Stood on the scales this morning- and BAM! 2.5lbs gone! ( argh I sound like the cillit bang man!) So I'm very very happy today, as today is my month anniversary on Cambridge, and now lost a stone! yay :party0011:
There you go! All that worry!!!

I started TOTM 2 weeks early too - don't know why though? Didn't even show any signs and still on the pill - this has never happened to me before.....Hmmm.
And while I'm inflating my own ego! :D
I got DH to take photos of me the night before I started the diet,and I have rolls of fat spilling out over my jeans where they are too tight! Disgusting

Those same jeans today wont even stay up! I walk two paces and they are on the floor! So they have been hidden in a drawer so in a few more months I can get them out as a reminder!
woooo! bye bye fat jeans!

Mrs V Ive read quite a few things on here about TOTM coming early at times on the diet..really weird!


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* if you are sticking religiously to SS 100% you cannot not lose weight*
See all that worrying and you 'were' losing after-all!
Well done for not raiding the fridge and for sticking with it for a month. I love hearing from all you guys who have been on it a while, cos as its only day 3 for me you're all an inspiration! *hugs*
Think i'm gonna stick to my CDC weigh ins and not use my scales at all, just so i don't get freaked when i haven't lost any. :)

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