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Argh! Help! :(


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I know i shouldnt of done it, but I decided to wii fit this morning and weighed in. I have sw wi tonight and now i just dont want to go :(. Ive put on 1lb according to wii fit. Ive followed the diet to a T Ive been so so careful and its not * week that was last week and I still lost. Ever happened to anyone else? I just think ill give up hope if the scales say something I dont want to see tonight :cry::cry::cry:
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Right then...
2) don't trust the accuracy of a computer game that relies on a board that gets hauled around the house. one inch out of place and it could say something different to normal.
3) Don't be scared of putting weight on, especially small gains like 1lb and 0.5lbs...gaining a bit back every now and again is part of weight loss journeys (we might not like it, but I'm sure everyone has had weeks where they have unexpectedly gained a little).
4) if you really have followed 100% it may be your bodys way of preparing for a big loss next week. Just keep at it 100%.

We will all get to where we want to be in the end, but we have to remember that our bodies do not only respond to the food we put into them. It's helps if we feed them well, but stress, anxiety, family and work problems and even the weather can affect all the biological and chemical processes that go on in there every day. And that is beyond our control. But we keep fighting it, and eventually we get ahead of it by a lb or two. But if you give up, you are letting the tummy gremlins win, and you'll feel worse for it in the long run.

Chin up...and onwards with the free food!
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This board is littered with posts from people who've weighed themselves and thought that they were going to gain at WI and then went on to lose. Don't weigh yourself at home, it only makes you miserable.
Go to WI and get the true result.


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I have never found the Wii to be very consistant nor particularly accurate for weighing.
As someone above mentioned, is the Wii in the exact same place as you weighed last time? Is it on carpet? (not a good idea when weighing) Do you know how the Wii usually compares to class scales?
There are alsorts of reasons why you shouldn't weigh inbetween 'official' weigh ins, not least because its makes you feel exactly like you are now!!
Go to your class, you may be surpised and even if you do have a small gain, go with the knowledge that you have followed the plan and the weight WILL come off at some point!
Also, remember, class isn't just about going and celebrating weight loss, its for support through the tough times aswell!

Good Luck
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Even if you have put on (unlikely) this is no way to act about a life changing commitment.

If we all gave up every time those damn scales weren't 100% fair, we would all still be fat and unhappy.

You are stronger than this- wait until tonight for your REAL result, deal with it like the confident, self-assured person you want to be, and move on with more determination. This is the way to get to your goal!

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i echo all thats been said, the wii is a guide line NOT the official sw scales, it would be like doing the wii age thing and finding out you were 101 years old would you go and buy a room in the nearest residental home..
and remember no 2 sclaes read the same slimming world or any others..


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S: 16st1lb C: 10st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25 Loss: 5st5lb(33.33%)
Im actually thinking of banishing the wii fit and buying a folding treadmill instead. In the meantime Ill keep to my excercise bike. Thanks for the comments, it was stupid I know :sigh: Never mind! Ill go tonight and unlike ive ever done before ill carry on!


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If it helps, I had a sneaky WI on the Wii a couple of weeks ago the day before my official WI and the Wii said i'd gained 3lbs. I was gutted! When it got to the actual WI i'd lost 1lb! I've never been so pleased! Won't qbe doing it again though :)
your body can change up to 3 lbs in weight a day!

i once wi on a thursday (wi is on saturday) and i had gained 2 lb so i panicked wI on the fri and sts then i weighed in on sat and lost 3 lb!!

this taught me to only wi on wi day!

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