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Argh!! So frustrated!!!!!


The Nerdy Singer
I'm in ketosis - checked this morning to be sure. I have not cheated even once on this diet!

So why am I still at 17 lbs. lost?! That's where I was LAST SUNDAY! I haven't lost a single lb in a whole week?!?! On sole source?!?!?! :confused::confused:

WHY? What is wrong with my body?! :cry::cry:
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S: 18st2lb C: 16st3.5lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 1st12.5lb(10.43%)

Well done for sticking with your diet and keep on going...

We all go through weeks without a loss, but it could be for many reasons and the most common one is time of the month when we retain water and often can even see the scales go up!

Main thing is not to panic and next week you are bound to see a good weight loss along with inches as often the week your weight stays the same is also the week the inches come off.

Love Mini xxx


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I've been there. Hang in there, okay? It'll suddenly drop--and probably by two or three pounds.

Your body's just struggling to maintain the status quo--losing weight's quite stressful for it, you know. It's hanging on to water just in case you need it.

Best cure--lots more water guzzling, and staying away from the scales, LOL.

Keep the faith!

And hey, 17 pounds in a fortnight is a fabulous achievement in itself. Weight Watchers actually boast that you can lose up to 5 pounds in a fortnight... :rolleyes: Always makes me laugh when I see those adverts :D


The Nerdy Singer
Thanks, guys. My sister came home from 2 weeks away last night, and she says she can see a difference, so I guess the inches are coming off instead - which is fine by me. :)

Last week, I was on my TOTM, so I figured - 4 lbs down for being on my period was really good. But it's been the same from Sunday last to this morning, and I've been off TOTM since Thus. or Fri., so I was hoping for some loss to register....

I just keep reprimanding myself when I want to give up, and saying, "No, keep at it. At least until your food runs out." Then, when I've got my senses back, I buy more food - so it can't run out! Hah!

Your site helps a LOT Mini!! I dunno what I'd do in those moments of frustration and weakness if I didn't have somewhere to go and say - Help!!


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S: 18st2lb C: 16st3.5lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 1st12.5lb(10.43%)
I think we can all get addicted to the big weight loss in the first couple of weeks as we sort of expect to see it every week on the scales but that is not the way it goes...

It is frustrating at times as we feel the scales going down is our reward for being good all week...

Wonderful confirmation from your sister there that she can see the difference in you already as I know I had to lose over two stone (28lb) before anyone noticed.:rolleyes:

I find having some clothes a size smaller helps as when you try these on each week and all of a sudden they fit even when you might think you have not lost enough in pounds but it has come off in inches...it is amazing!

Pat yourself on the back for doing so well on your diet and be gentle with yourself, often we are far to critical and give ourselves a hard time of it.:hug99:

Set yourself some mini goals and reward yourself with non food treats as you go along...your worth it!

Love Mini xxx
Those bloody scales are so destructive! People always say you need to take the monthly amount as there is so much fluctuation (Totm, etc) - this is why I am really happy with weighing in monthly with my cdc! Please don't let it stop you - stick with it this week and you will see a loss next week x


The Nerdy Singer
I'm sticking in there. :) I'm an economist, of sorts, (by that I mean I'm studying at uni) and so I keep telling myself,"You've spent the money. Keep it up at least until the food runs out." then buying more food before it runs out. ;)

I tried on some jeans that were too tight a week ago and they fit perfectly now. :) I rewarded myself by buying a tomato slicer for nice, even wedges and no mess! :D I'm cooking chicken and orzo salad for my family for dinner tonight, which will be great fun.

I was hooked with the 13 lb loss 1st week, and knew it would taper off.... I just didn't expect it to be a 4 lb in week 2 and (so far) 0 lb in week 3 taper-off.


is gonna shine in 2009
S: 19st2lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 5st9lb(29.48%)
chin up hun, week three is know for been a bad one sometimes. It was for me 1st time i ever did CD. Its kinda like the body having a panic at the sudden loss, but don't lose hope cos i have been known to lose 1LB at the start of the week and the scales not budge all week till one morn at the back end of that week and woosh 3lb down


The Nerdy Singer
Thanks, Kirsty. =) I'm keeping up with it, heh. Eating my tomato soup now. Tomorrow is a real challenge - back to university, and that means back to Monday lunches with about 100 or so of my friends and my favorite. 1st week back is always sweet tea, chicken enchilada casserole, and chocolate chip chocolate brownies.... mmmm! But I will sit there and drink my water like a good girl!
Have fun back at uni hun, seems such a long time ago when I was there.lol.
Chin up and just remember if you stick to cd you really cant fail.xx


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keep at it babe...17 lbs in 2 weeks is amazing and even if scales aren't movinh, inches are being def being lost ! you knpw you can do it....look at the results you've already achieved ...just keep thinking about your goal and how fantastic you'll feel once you've achieved it xxxxxxxx


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Dont forget that that your muscles might be getting stronger too and muscle weighs more than fat. So you may become a lean machine!!!! Keep up the good work and don't get too disheartened. Sian XXX


The Nerdy Singer
Lol sianock. The last thing I need is more muscle. I already have a perfectly toned body hiding under my fat; I am still an athlete. :) As the lbs come off, my muscles are showing more prominently. I'm now debating whether I want to trade some muscles for a skinny, skinny body uk size 6 (eu 34), or whether I'm okay with being very toned and muscular at a uk 12 (eu 40).
S: 15st7lb C: 14st11lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.61%)
Stick with it hun - I am on day 1 of restart today and am not going to weigh myself. Am even going to ask my CDC not to tell me the outcome of my weigh-in and instead to just note it down and keep it at her place so she can give it to me at the end of my journey to look at!! I genuinely don't want to know if I am losing 1lb or 10, as I had become obsessed with the lbs and hopping on the scales... I don't want to go back there and feel kinda liberated by the prospect of not knowing my weight... its not denial, (i dont really need to be in denial as I know roughly where I am), its just my way of escaping an obsession.

Might be worth thinking about if you can bear it! xxx


The Nerdy Singer
good luck! I know you can do it!


The Nerdy Singer
Ugh, another (so far) 0 lbs. lost week! I'm beginning to loathe my scale and resent the fact that my friends made me promise I'd replace a shake with a real meal after 5 wks.

Thoguh maybe eating for a cpl wks then going back will fix this whole problem.... it's so frustrating. I think I'm leaping ahead and doing awesomely then......... BAM!! Stagnant.
I know its hard girls but check your inches, you might have lost inches instead. But prepare yourself for good losses next week becvuase thast is what pronanly will happen :)


The Nerdy Singer
I haven't been measuring them. I can't stand to - if I go a week without losing either, I'd be totally bummed. So I'm measuring inches by cloth size lost. I know where I was at start, and I will measure when I'm at goal.

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