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ARGH struggeling

Argh this is not good :mad:

Really really finding it difficult this even and am starving!I have not cheated at all,drunk 6lts as well today and am sat with a bar and glass of coke zero

I never had this last time arghhhhhhhhh

Not going to cheat as dh is here and won't let me but I wouldn't anyway as I know I am only cheating myself if I do :break_diet::break_diet:

Could it be that I havn't stopped all day,walked for about 2hours and then came home and cleaned my house top to bottom and I have doen too much?

Also just this second taken an ibruphen as my head is absolutly pounding,I have no paracetamol in.....please tell me I havn't done myself any harm?

Thanks and sorry for the waffle

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Gone fishing
Might it be because you are having the bars? Really shouldn't have them until week 3.

Could also be all the extra activity. Take it easy and hang in there. Get an early night and you'll probably feel much better tomorrow.
Yep - sounds like you're using up an awful lot of energy. I agree with KD, get yourself to bed and take things a little easier tomorrow.
Hang in there

Deb G

Silver Member
When SS with LL I found that I was very sensitive to caffeine - and even a cup of coffee would leave me starving for hours afterwards. Now I always drink decaff. Could it be the Coke Zero or coffee making you feel so hungry??

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