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i understand thats hard.
I have a chippy up the road and hate when i can smell it.
I live alone and can eat without anyone seeing. i know i only fool myself but its me who has the weight issue and i been fooling myself for years!!
May join class again tonight but stuggleing to pluck up the courage.
i failed so many times i dont just want to waste my money.

ops sorry for the rant.
Teresa xx


Loves Slimming world!!
You should rejoin!!! This is my 3rd or 4th time rejoining now but it just seems to of clicked better this time!!! My consultant always says its doesn't matter how many times you start the journey one time you are bound to get there!!! I really believe that this is my time to finish it!! Teresa I think the power of the group will help keep you on track huni!!! Don't worry about the rant its helping keep my mind off the chips lol xxx
i am going to have to go to a new group.
Its a bit bad but a friend goes to the old one and i just find her embarrasing. always calling out interupts and has done it all bigger and better than everyone else!!
There a group that fits in with my working nights. Most weeks i will stay but some weeks i have to leave to get to work...not ideal but the easiest way to deal with shift patterns. will try to pluck up courage tonight. xx always feel positive till it comes time to leave the house...ops
Good to see you're considering rejoining - just go for it! If you texted the new consultant to say you're coming tonight to rejoin, would it help you stay committed (and not chicken out 10 minutes before you're due to leave)?

There's nothing wrong with rejoining - it's all good and definitely worth that tough moment you stand outside the doors hesitating to go in! As soon as you're in the room, it doesn't matter any more - everyone is in the same boat as you.

Good luck for tonight!


Cute, but psycho!
I have always rung the consultant before joining a group and had a chat with her before hand. Makes it easier to know whether I'm going to get the support I need, for a start.
I'm with you though, I hate walking into a new group, especially if it's a group where no-one comes to talk to you. I always used to try and talk to obviously new people.
thank you good idea about texting think thats a good idea for me.
Need to do something as I hate the way I look and am already stressed about work night out on Dec 2nd!!

I cant do a lot for this year but can do for next year xx
Teresa x
You might not be able to lose much between now and Dec 2nd, but I think you might be a bit more confident about everything if you're already well on your way with your slimming journey - if you join tonight there's three more weigh ins before your work night out and you could be half a stone lighter by then!
thanks guys.
I will go back tonight and have a mini goal of 7lbs to work on!!

Am off in a bit so that I can attack shops and get some good food in.

I know i lose slow but if I dont start soon I will have no chance of getting to goal....Dec 2012 starts here. x


Put the kettle on
Well done on getting to the new group. I know how you feel with your friend. I used to go to class with the mil and it just brought me down. I dont go to class at all now, but I think if I did in future, I would go alone now.

You need to do this for yourself and yourself only. Dont let eating alone become an excuse for eating the wrong things. Rather than thinking of your weight focus on your health. You will get there xx

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