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Around 10 Stone to go still!


On a mission !
Hiya, I have lost a bit already but still a long way to go before I hit my target of 9 stone! (I'm 5'3" small frame)
I'm really hoping to finally crack it this time after being uber heavy for the last 10 / 11 years and basically hiding and putting my life on hold.
I've always been battling my weight.
I started dieting when I was 13 years old (and actually not even overweight) after being told on a daily basis I was "a fat little freak who no-one would ever want" by my delightful ex step Dad.
I am now 41. I started at heaviest 25 stone 3 and I'm currently 19stone 10. I am only just noticing a difference. I'm hoping my Gastric band plus calorie counting will help me shift the wobblies so that I can catch up on some fun in life.
I wish all of you success and I'm glad to have found such a great place to come and chat to kindred spirits x
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Wow, that's an amazing loss already! You will really start to see it now. Best of luck with your journey :)


On a mission !
Thank you very much Guru:) I am in it for the long haul this time I hope. Most other times I have dieted, I have been doing fine on whatever program I started, then typically spotted something else that looked like it might work quicker and totally messed things up for myself swapping my plans about. Doomed to failure every time I did that. The irony of trying to speed things up I spose!!
I am now trying to persist with what I'm doing right now and just have to put up with the fact it's going to take the best part of another year to get near goal. Ah well! I can wait a bit longer if it's not coming back right? :)
neen your doing so well your weight loss to date is fantastic and really what is a year - if your anything like me you would have struggled with your weight for more than a year!
Good luck well done chuck x


On a mission !
Thanks very much Towergilly! I have stayed stagnant for a few months but hopefully things are moving again now. I am hoping to be able to finally get married to my OH Oct 2010 and have dreams of a cream silk Maggie Sotero number ...lol ah well you never know!!!
Hello neen, can't help but reply here to say that I am in awe of you! You sound like such a strong person, I am really wishing you all the best, and hope that your wishes all come to fruition!

My heaviest weight (whenever I dared to actually buy a set of scales and see it for real) was just over 21 stone so i hear ya in every respect. I have lost 36 lbs this year just because I couldn't face going any higher than that, and having an 18 month old shifts the perspective into the fact that you are not only living just for you, but another human being needs you for quite a few years to come.

Also the realisation that diabetes awaits just around the corner if you are very overweight and approaching the 40's. If I keep thinking about all those issues, the chocolate pudding or whatever suddenly doesn't seem so good.

Anyway, I hope to hear more from you and look forward to seeing you in that wedding dress! x

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