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Its too damn flippin hot!!! My makeup is melting :sigh:

Ive gotta go BACK out to work now and brave the overheated bendy bus which is HOTTER than it is outside in direct sun :cry:

I need a personal fan!!! Any offers??? :flirt2: :D

I hope that everyone is cooler than me :cool:

I'll be back online later after ive walked home from work when it will hopefully be cooler!


Lei xxxx
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Argghhhh, please...... We've had no real sumer for 2 years and now everyone is wishing it away!!!! LOL

Its blinking raining here in Cork today and my washing is not drying... Dont worry, I will bring the rain over with me when I come on Thursday... Wont be to far from Camden to drop a bit over!


I will be skinny again!!!
I know chick! my car is black, and when i got into it to head home from work I thought I was gonna be like a cooked pork!

You could serve me up for dinner right now :)


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Its going to be gone by Thursday so enjoy whilst you have it!
Haha!!! :)

I dont like hot weather to be honest, epecially when its soo humid :eek: I prefer the rain :p so feel free to bring it over to my place from Cork hun :giggle: its not like I need more of a suntan (im mixed raced) haha!

Yeah everyone was roasting on the bus and thats WITH the air con on!!! Good thing though is the fact that I was able to check out some very cute men with their tops off and tats out :flirt2: yep im a right ol perv me!!! :D

Hiya KateR :) yes thanks my day did improve. As I walked home I bumped into an old primary school friend! The hunger pangs will go in a few days hun, stick with all the water and you will do just fine :cool: I wish you all the best.

Hey Chelly :) Mmm roast pork..... oops!!! :copon: yeah thats how I felt on the bus :eek: roasted Lei anyone??

Ahhhhh Im home and cool now :D just had me chocolate shake!


Lei xxxx
lol im melting in work now lmao how can it be so warm at bloody 2am


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Its warmer here now at 2.30am than it was all day long!! LOL

Hope tomorrow is better, ned to dry my new jeans to pack for London.... Only another 29.5hours to take off!!