Hi all - new member here!


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New guy here!

45 a few days ago and suffered for 20 years with a back issue which limited my exercise ability and encouraged my ice-cream habit. Health checkup showed up high-normal for blood pressure but high risk for Diabetes as my mother is type 2. Physiotherapist friend suggested the back issue could be relieved a lot if I dumped the excess weight I had accumulated in my upper body (legs and butt are still surprisingly trim and sexy if i do say so myself:p)
Signed up for the Exante Man Plan at the start of October hoping to kill off the Diabetes risk and weight issues, bought the 2 week mix n match bundle to find my faves followed by a 4 week mix n match.

Very pleased with the shakes (Lemon cheesecake = awesome....better than a McDonalds milkshake in my opinion and Banana and Strawberry shakes are pretty damn good too! I use 300ml instead of 200ml by the way)
Pot meals - Good. Indian Dahl and Black Bean are my go to lunches at work.
Bars - double choc bar is fantastic but the Caramel crunch bar had more salt in it than....well....salt does. Sent that back.
Evening meals are a pain as I really can't eat leafy greens so I've stuck to protein and cauliflower rice with plenty of seasoning.
To be honest I'm hovering at around 1000 calories a day with very low carb intake. (Babybel included!)

Started Oct 8th at 16st 3lbs, Oct 15th 15st 10lbs, Oct 29th 15st 7lbs, Nov 2nd 15st 4 ..... and I had 2 days of eating steak n cake for my birthday so not bad progress.
Feeling good, looking good.....farting more often.

Plan to start hitting the gym start of December

I travel a lot so the test will be whether i can keep this up whilst in a hotel in Beijing/Delhi/LA..... I guess that's a challenge that I shall just have to kick in the balls too!

Oh by the way, To begin with I wasn't a fan of the shakes mainly because of the clumpy, grainy texture...but I got rid of my manual shaker and bought a USB, rechargeable vortex shaker..... a bit expensive but oh so worth it. Shakes are better than in the blender and it's very portable.

Anyway, long first post, I talk a lot, I'll shut up now.
Hello and welcome

I don't follow exante myself but just wanted to say Hi. Your post made me laugh a bit lol!

I also travel with my work a bit. I am UK based and only travel within the UK. I've joined a national gym which means I can use it if there is one where I happen to be. Sometimes that doesn't quite work out but at times when I don't travel I'm there 4-5 times a week.

Good luck with ur weight loss. I'll check in and see how your doing
Travelling with 20 bags of white powder usually makes me nervous....reminds me of the intimate search incident in Buenos Aires :1461:

Diet has been on hold this week but I still seem to be losing timber which is good.

You look like you're going well too....keep it up!
Hope everyone is doing great.

I stopped Exante just after Christmas and started the "just be sensible and don't eat too much crap" diet instead. Exante is fantastic and gave me the kick-start I needed but I decided that eating the right things and the right portions are the long term goal.
Down to 14st 1lbs and loving every minute of it, more importantly I've gone from almost 40 inch waist to a comfortable 34inch.
Unfortunately this has had side effects....... i'm suffering from a distinct abundance of confidence, back issues have gone completely, a persistent, stupid grin the size of a dinner plate and a requirement to buy clothes that actually fit me and are not baggy. (I bought some tight-ish jeans yesterday and think I look amazing in them:p!!)
I'm keeping going until I hit my goal of just under 13st but have found these forums full of great advice, encouragement and fantastic people who have helped me a lot. Hopefully I can return the favour.