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Charlie was eating a cheesecake thing (was sooo jealous lol) and he dropped it and I caught it and had it all over my fingers without thinking I licked them and there was quite a bit on there (oh my was it lush lol) - that won't take me out of ketosis will it ?? panicking (when I say quite a bit I don't mean like a spoons worth just enough to lick off your fingers x
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is a naughty girl...
Last time I was on the diet and as I walked into Waitrose they had samples of cakes, without thinking I picked up a piece and shoved it in my mouth! It didn't knock me out of Ketosis, so I am sure you will be fine :) xxx
isn't it funny when your mind just goes blank for a minute and you forget its not until you get that taste of yummy food you realise something is wrong lol. TBH it made me feel a bit sick and that was just a taste of it


Slowly but surely x
im still hankering after tinned tomatoes on a slicec of wholemeal toast with a dab of brown sauce.

Moles, i doubt very much it will know you out of ketosis - go and wash it away with a litre of water!


My husband = My hero
Oooh u bad girl your guna put allllllll that weight on again!

U daft mare give yourself a break it was a lick!!! Mmm so jealous! Your body won't even notice chick so chill out and relax! And step away from the cheesecake Hahahahaha xxxxx
lmao I would seriously go insane without you lot :D xxx
Haha am laughing, but not at you, just the situation. I do a lot of baking and have really had to concentrate, it's amazing how much you lick your fingers without realising. Also, we're weaning my LO and I've always got gunk of some of his food on my hands and very nearly ate half a meatball yesterday as I was blowing on it to cool it down
Yeah you're going mad!! Haha, erm I suppose a little bit. Not quite as nice though!
tee hee at this thread

couple of weeks back i was making ginger bread men..... amd ladies with my LO ive never made them before so was having almost as much fun as her i done the whole lick finger thingy and was pannicking just as much. there is so much sugar and syrup etc in them i thought for sure it would know me out but it didn't.

it certainly gaveme enough of a taste to make me crave them, then i had to endure the lovely smell around the house as they baked!!

when i reach goal im gonna make a huge one and eat it lol!

maybe for christmas


My husband = My hero
On week 1 I licked calpol off my hand from LO and used my sleeve to wipe it off before my mouth shut would u believe!!

The dressing gown fluff was almost as good as the yummy calpol..... Not!!

Wish i had as much will power with chips hahahaah


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