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ArtyJoe - My Final Journey

One day left until 2007 so I have already started cleaning out the cupboards of food that I don't want to eat and clothes that I don't want to wear!

I am giving away all the cheese and biscuits and cakes that I was convinced I 'needed' a week before Christmas, only to realise that if I had invited 20 friends a night, every night, then possibly the food might have been warranted. We are going to try to hold onto this memory for next year as the food waste is dreadful...although I'm taking a lot of the unopened stuff to a skinny friend tonight :)

I will be depressed to weigh myself tomorrow but weigh I will and I'll start slowly cutting back as I have a weekend away next week and then the official LL plan starts on the Monday. I am going to use my spa pass, which at the moment is costing me £90 a month for not even so much as a swim! I'm going to look at exercise classes mixed with swimming to see if I can avoid the actual gym but build exercise into my lifestyle somehow....20 minutes of rowing just isn't doing it for me!

Anyway, hope everyone has a great celebration tonight, I'm off to a friend who also has a 2 year old and has asked us all to stay the night, doesn't happen often when you have a toddler so we are really looking forward to it. Lets hope that next year at the bells I won't be thinking right that's it, I'm on the diet tomorrow and will be thinking, right, off to the sales to buy that size 10 Roberto Cavallier blouse! :)

Happy new year x
Good Luck Joe and well done on your preparation. You might want to try starting a new diary thread? I've seen a couple of other people are doing that and it seems to be working? New slant on things?

Have a happy new year and a fantastic night this evening. Sending you lots of positive vibes xxxx
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Hi Guys, sorry I haven't replied to you but I've been having a hard time and went away for the weekend to get some sleeeep!

Laura; I'm so sorry that you have had such a hard time and regained your weight but I'm sure 2007 will be your year and you'll get it all back off again. I know I would be like you if I did CD rather than LL (did LL for first 100 days then switched to CD, stopped for a year and restarted LL), I have managed to gain around 20 pounds in the last three weeks since stopping LL for the Christmas break (I had planned to do this).

I'll know for sure tomorrow how much weight I've gained but I think it's going to be pretty massive and will be very very pleased if I don't weigh in at the 15's, but not surprised if I do. Hey ho, I'll get back on track on Monday and shift it.

I need to figure out my ticker though as it shows my entire weight loss, not including the bit I've just gained.

I have done nothing at all to prepare for LL on Monday except to scoff my face with lots and lots of garbage, hopefully I won't be hankering for anything until Easter now :)

Well, here's to running to the loo every 15 minutes for a pee and having frozen hands and feet :)

2007 is THE year for everyone on this site, 2006 was a blip xxx


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Restart day: 14.12 (and a half!)

First target: 14.2

Second target: 13.2

(when I reach this I am going to buy a ridiculously expensive pair of designer sunglasses from Selfridges).

The rest of the targets can wait until I nail the first two!

Hope everyone has a good week, the energy today is lovely, the sky is a deep purple at the moment and the air is crisp and fresh...bring it on ;-)
There you go, at least you weren't in the 15's!!

I like the attitude and I like the incentive that you've built into your goals!! It will def be worth celebrating and what better way than a fab pair of sunglasses.

I love the positivity of your energy statement, I'm glad it's working for you and you are ready for what the day brings. You can do it, one day at a time. XXXX


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Day 1 - done.

Day 2 - a bit pants. My mouth tastes disgusting and a good scrub with a toilet brush probably wouldn't make it smell any worse ;-)

Am on the soups which is weird for me but am craving comfort as baby was up all night again with a temperature so it seems LL and me are always going to be off on a bad foot...hey ho, don't intend to be broke today though.

My daughters birthday next Friday and feel a bit mean not having a party for her but I know i'll eat cake so I just can't do it to myself....she'll only be 2 so she wont' know, i'll throw her a HUGE one on her third birthday instead. She's got an easel for her present so she can join mummy painting, but I think I might put hers in a play pen so her paint brush doesn't end up on my canvas :)

Hope everyone is having a good day, bit blooming cold though - Joe


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End of the line for Lighter Life


Have had a genuinely hard day today due to my poor baby running a fever and it has made me realise that, for me, Lighter Life can't be my fall back any more. I already recognised that the reason I gained so much weight over Christmas was because I had the attitude that I could lose it all within 2 weeks on Lighter Life...of course I'm now kicking myself for this as I'm going to switch to WW or the like.

In reality I need to lose 2 stones and although this will probably take me 9 months to do (bloody hope not though) then I'll have to do it healthily and learn how to eat healthily, which I will have to do eventually if I carried on with Lighter Life.

I will still post and groan and moan no doubt but on a thread suitable for eating rather than VLCD. I do hope that I don't open a new diary in three months saying 'giving LL one more go' :eek:

I have around 3 weeks worth of chocolate shakes and 7 days of bars, if anyone wants them!

I'll look forward to starting a fresh diary when I know which journey I'm on next.

Fair play to you for choosing something that will suit your lifestyle a bit more. Let me know if you do start your diary on a different page, so that I can follow your progress and support you Joe.

LL is expensive if you aren't going to do it 100% and just think the £55 + that you will save every week can go towards those designer sunglasses when you get back to 13.2.

I find that WW works and there is a bit of freedom to have a bad day and make up for it the next day. I find that it treats you like an adult as only you can decide how to spend your daily points, so it means that nothing is banned. You can also choose to stay to class and get that extra bit of support if you need it.

I do not think that it will take you 9 months. If you do it 100%, 2 stone can be achieved in 19 weeks at a steady loss of 1.5lbs a week. 19 weeks isn't a long time to wait for your designer sunglasses, it will be just coming up to summer by then, when you really need sunglasses.

Good Luck and stay in touch hun xxx


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Thanks Lottie, I'm going to start a diary thread tonight or tomorrow under the WW part of the site as obviously I don't want to be talking about food to those who are SSing!

I'll let you know as soon as I know the snappy title :) x

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