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  1. KatieLouise

    KatieLouise Full Member

    Don't know if there's already a thread on this, but can't find anything....

    Has anyone tried the Asda brand of meal-replacement shakes, bars and snacks?

    I'm currently buying SlimFast powder and bottles, but have bought a couple of the Measure Up cartons. They're cheaper (88p each, and the powder cans £4) and the cartons have less fat (3.3g in Asda, 7g in SlimFast bottle) slightly less calories (213 in Asda, 220 in SlimFast) and there's 5ml more in the individual Asda drinks.

    I'm thinking of switching to Asda when I've used my SlimFast stuff up.
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  3. kazzymc

    kazzymc Gold Member

    i tried them and found them to sweet for me,, i know slimfasts sweet but i found these even sweeter
  4. Lotty Big Botty

    Lotty Big Botty Full Member

    I've not tried them personaly but I've herd people on here say there not as nice as SF or US. Pluss I think there made up with water instead of milk which I don't like the idea of?

    Worth a try though, every one has there own taste buds!!!
  5. mattfletcher

    mattfletcher New Member

    The ready-made ones are brilliant - in my opinion much nicer than slimfast. Strawberry and vanilla are nicer than chocolate I reckon, but I've never been much of a fan of chocolate milkshake.

    HOWEVER, I just bought a tub of powder as my local ASDA had sold out of cartons. DO NOT BUY IT! Unless I am doing something very wrong, I'm sure I'm reading the instructions correctly. It just comes out as froth. I was nearly sick when I tried it. It is all lumps and froth. I tried whisking it, shaking really hard, leaving it to settle for a while but nothing I do makes it even remotely "nice".

    Hope this of use to you.
  6. im starting asda measure up tmorrow, will keep posting to let others know how i am doing xx
  7. Fat bridesmaid

    Fat bridesmaid Full Member

    I have been on the Asda Measure up shakes (powder ones) since 2nd march and have lost 13lbs and dnt feel like Im starving myself its workin great and Im really happy with it.

    I make my shakes in a blender and they come out thick and smooth yummy yummy :D

    Its each to their own at the end of the day but I think every1 shud atleast give it at try for themselves because some1 else liking/ disliking something doesn't mean u will agree and at £4 its worth the gamble I think

    Goodluck 2 every1 with their weight loss :D
  8. That's amazing!! you should be very proud!! thank you for replying.

    any side effects? did u snake inbetween shakes??

  9. ok so first day on asda measure up... i'm guessing the 1st day is the hardest... soo i had a chocolate shake at 9:30am got hungry arund 11am and had a pear... has choco shake for lunch at and then had an orange and then had a apple, veg soup and a muller light... is this too much to take in?? will it work if i eat all the fruit inbetween??

    tomorrows a new day :) xx
  10. Fat bridesmaid

    Fat bridesmaid Full Member

    In my experience and what I have read in many places is the one thing u dnt wanna do is go below 1200 a day because ur body will go into starvation mode and store everything it gets and it will slow down ur metabolism in the long run making weight gain more likely so u need to eat atleast that a day. With measure up this is how I do it

    9:30am - shake
    11:00am - snack (anything 100 cal)
    12:20pm- shake
    3:30pm - snack (again anything 100 cal)
    5:30pm-dinner (600 cals make sure u use all 600 its a longtime til breakfast otherwise and might be tempted to cheat otherwise)
    7:30 - snack (anything 100 cals)

    If u r not sure of anythings cal value sign up free to my fitness pal its a great website with a huge database which stores energy values for pretty much anything u can think of.

    I haven't cheated even once in the 7 wks Ive been doing it and hope to break the stone barrier 2moro when I weigh. I think this is working for me because its nicely spaced out to give u small intakes throughout the day instead of a starvation/binge cycle.

    Its all about choice, u can have a bad day and use ur cals on bad things (I used my 600 cal dinner 4 a cornish pasty the other day so cudnt have anything else with it and wound up hungry but didnt go over my cal goals) or u can be smart and have tons of veg and fruit and potatos and lean meat and have a huge platefull for ur cals which obviously makes sense and u dnt end up feelin starving and faint. Half the time I dnt even feel like Im on a "diet" because with smart choices Im always full just eating healthily. Starvation has never worked for me.

    Good luck and keep us posted on how u get on :D
  11. thanks for all of your advice it makes sense!!

    today i had a shake around 9:30 am
    an apple at 10:30 am
    shake at 1:00pm
    6:00 pm i had 2 quorn fillets with salad and a handful of brown pasta
    later on tonight i will hve some strawberries and lots and lots of water! i did feel as tho my portion was huge but i guess that was the salad making it look so big!

    keep you updated again on Thursday got a long day tomorrow and tomorrow is the test as I love veg samoas and theres going to be fried ones at my late meeting tomorrow!!!!! i will not eat 1!!!!!! lol

  12. Fat bridesmaid

    Fat bridesmaid Full Member

    Dnt be afraid to beef up the snacks a little as long as its 100 cals or under its fine I quite often have quavers (88 cals) or wotsits (95 cals) for my morning snack and mullerlight yoghurts r great! :D Make sure u dnt eat too little or u will have to work twice as hard for less gain (or loss in this case lol)
  13. well its weight in day on Tuesday and i went out yesterday for a meal with my boyfriend parents this is what i had;

    shake in the afternoon
    x2 measure up snack bars

    starter - nachos
    main - veg linginue
    pudding - shared a chocolate brownie

    also i had chip shop on friday - portion of chips and a spring
    roll!!! (but only had 1 shake in the day)

    im not going to have lost any weight!
    ever since ive been on this theres just food events galore! and now my parents are having a BBQ tomorrow!! grr lol.!!

    i feel as if ive let myself down! i really hope ive lost something on tuesday!! xxx
  14. Fat bridesmaid

    Fat bridesmaid Full Member

    I had a BBQ 2day just gotta think small with the things like that. Its not the best foods to be eating so stick to only a small portion of it, u can always have something more filling and healthy when u get home. With the BBQ 2day this is what I did

    Dinner- 4 crackers with 30 grams of extra light soft cheese
    BBQ (dinner)- 1 plain burger in a bun, no cheese no sauce and some salad
    snack- asda noodle break chicken and mushroom (230 cals)
    plus 2 coffee's throughout day

    and Im still inside my calorie goal. Little less full than normal but not hungry and dnt feel guilty :D

    When u go 2 a restaurant I prob wudnt advise a starter or pudding and choose the healthiest thing on the the menu for main. You have to make this fit in with your normal life so these little tests will be a good thing in the long run cuz nothin will phase u when u have got this sorted.

    Good luck with ur weigh in
  15. lucky0909

    lucky0909 New Member

    To those who say they dont like the shakes because they come out all frothy and are sickly,there are alternatives.I myself wasnt keen on shakes so tended to mix with fat free yoghurt instead and found it much nicer.Alternatively there are lots of recipes online for homemade protein bars that are simple and tasty,and a great way to get your intake in.
  16. mia_angel

    mia_angel Silver Member

    I think im going to try another brand as SF can be expensive. I tried a sachet of Celebrity Slimming soup today, and it was horrible! So i had a cuppa soup instead (100 cals/4g fat). I hate not having something savoury at lunch, so im going to have a soup for the same calories and fat. Do you think that would be okay?
  17. Hannah1135

    Hannah1135 Full Member

    Hi Mia_angel

    I've just read your post about trying another brand of shakes etc because SF is expensive - I totally agree! I've been using the Tesco Ultraslim - the powders are less than £4 and really nice and the ready made cartons are 3 for £2 (also very nice!)

    For my snacks at work or if i fancy something savoury I use weight watchers soups because a lot of them are less than 100 calories (not all though so worth checking), velvet crunch sweet chilli crisps (a nicer version of snack a jacks and only 81 calories) and cup a soup. I find the traditional cup a soup quite watery and not filling or nice, so have the new Heinz squeeze and stir minestrone or mediteranian vegetable soups - both less than 100 calories and thicker/nicer than the powder ones!

    Hopefully this can help - I know what it's like to try and survive on a budget and also plan your meals and snacks around work!

    Good luck xx
  18. mia_angel

    mia_angel Silver Member

    Thanks alot Hannah, that's really helpful i will try those soups :)
    I just cant handle a shake at lunch sometimes, so thought if i find a soup for the same/less calories & fat it would be okay. Also less expensive! x
  19. Hannah1135

    Hannah1135 Full Member

    When theyre less than 100 calories you can count it as one of your snacks, which still leaves you a proper meal, and a shake! X
  20. Loser85

    Loser85 Gold Member

    Good idea re the weight watchers soups. Never thought of them and have some in the cupboard.

    Is the meaure up stuff quite watery being made with water rather than milk? Tempted to try the tescos own at some point too.
  21. Auburn

    Auburn x x x

    I haven't tried the Asda ones, but the Tesco own brand are lovely & thick, I was really surprised how filling it was..!

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