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Asda Meat Free Range!


Wishing and hoping!
I thought I would add a list of Asda's own brand of vegetrain products and the syns allocated to them for SW, enjoy :)

Asda Meat Free Burgers, 8 pack, frozen 57g each
Original ½ Syn Green ½ Syn
Asda Meat Free Apple & Rosemary Sausages, 5 pack, frozen 56g each
Original 1½ Syns Green 1½ Syns
Asda Meat Free Meatballs, frozen 300g pack
Original 3 Syns Green 3 Syns
Asda Meat Free Mince, 454g pack, frozen 100g raw
Original 1.5 syns Green 1.5 syns
Asda Meat Free Sun Dried Tomato & Mozzarella Quarterpounder, twin pack, frozen 113g each
Original 7 Syns Green 7 Syns
Asda Meatfree Potato & Spinach Curry Bake, twin pack, frozen 140g each
Original 6½ Syns Green 3 Syns

Asda Meat Free, Chicken Style Fillets, twin pack, frozen 115g each
Original free , Green free

Asda Meat Free, Creamy Leek & Gruyere Cheese Tarts, twin pack, frozen 120g each
Original 18 syns, Green 18 syns

Asda Meat Free, Garlic Kievs, twin pack, frozen 140g each
Original 12.5 syns , Green 12.5 syns

Asda Meat Free, Glamorgan Sausages, 6 pack, frozen 50g each
Original 4 syns , Green 3.5 syns

Asda Meat Free, Hotdogs 10pack, frozen 27g each
Original 1½ Syns Green 1½ Syns
Asda Meat Free, Nut Cutlets, 4 pack, frozen 90g each
Original 14 syns , Green 14 syns

Asda Meat Free, Sausage Rolls, 6 pack, frozen 50g each
Original 8 Syns Green 8 Syns
Asda Meat Free, Southern Fried Chicken Style Pieces, frozen 240g pack
Original 20½ Syns Green 20½ Syns
Asda Meat Free, Spicy Bean & Nacho Burgers, 4 pack, frozen 113g each
Original 14½ Syns Green 8Syns
Asda Meat Free, Spicy Vegetable Wraps, twin pack, frozen 150g each
Original 11½ Syns Green 11½ Syns

Asda Meat Free Beef Style Pieces, 300g pack, chilled 100g
Original 3½ Syns Green 3½ Syns
Asda Meat Free Lincolnshire Sausages, 5 pack, chilled 56g each
Original 1 Syns Green 1 Syns

Asda Meat Free Bolognese Mix, made up as directed, dried 120g pack
Original Free Green Free
Asda Meat Free Mexican Chilli Mix, made up as directed, dried 120g pack
Original 2 Syns Green 2 Syns
Asda Meat Free Savoury Mince Mix, made up as directed, dried 120g pack
Original 2 Syns Green 2 Syns

Asda Meat Free, Mediterranean Style Vegetable Parcels, twin pack 150g each
Original 16 Syns Green 16 Syns

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Strutting her stuff
Sorry but your list isn't completely accurate.

The asda meat free mince is now syn free
chicken style fillets are 3.5 syns not syn free
they don't make the beef style chunks any more
glamorgan sausages are now 3 syns on green
and the yummy meatballs are 2 syns for a 400g pack.

I can't say for any of the rest as I don't use them myself but it looks as if the list is out of date so double check before relying on any of the values. :)


Wishing and hoping!
ok thanks for that, I just copied it from other forum and assumed was correct.
It would be great if someone else could update the list as it would be handy key reference :)


Strutting her stuff
Yeah, that's the problem with lists - they can very quickly go out of date unless someone checks them regularly, and who wants to have to do that. It's one of the reasons why we don't really go for lists of syn values here.


Silver Member
A brilliant list - I prefer Asda MF to many Quorn products - however at the Asda where I shop I am finding vegetraian products are very limited couldn't get the MF mince last week.:cry:


Wishing and hoping!
I also have a similar problem, especially as I perfer asda meatfree chicken style fillet (even if it is 3.5 for one) is gorgeous - going on Asda online shopping have their variey of stuff :)


Silver Member
Just wondered if anyone knew if the syns for the Asda dried Mexican style chilli was still 2 syns? Had this in my cupboard for ages and thought I might use it up for dinner.

Also does anyone know the syn value for Asda chargrill style meat free burger mix - dried 175g packet?

Thanks x
I realise this is a very old thread, but just wondered if anyone knew the current syn value for their frozen linconshire (if thats what they're called) sausages (5 pack)

Thanks if anyone does!
Meat Free Mince, 600g pack, frozen, 100g Free
Meat Free Savoury Mince Mix, 120g pack, dried, 100g Free
does anyone know if their meatfree sausage mix (dried) is syn free like the rest of their dried meatfree things? I love the stuff but havn't eaten any recently as they stopped doing it at my local store, but it's back in again now.

I am a meat eater, but I do like veg options too.
When I did a search on the syns on the go slimming world app for asdas meat free Lincolnshire sausages they come up as 1.5 syns each x
Syns change all the time, the last post on those sausages was 6 months ago. Its always best to check if a post is that old.

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